Your Dream Place to Live a Luxurious Life may be Closer than you Think

    Luxurious Life

    Condos are one of the most in-demand real estate properties in Toronto. In fact, some of the most expensive condos? prices rival that of a plush penthouse or a huge mansion. This is one reason why luxury condos, either on sale or rent, in some of the posh neighborhoods, are hard to find. When the name King West is talked about, a particular building and a neighborhood come into mind. 

    Let me discuss the building first and then the neighborhood. 

    One King West Hotel and Residence is a condo-hotel located in the exclusive financial district of Toronto on 1 King Street West. Luxury condos are hard to find in Toronto as the owners of such condos don?t often sell them. Even for renting them out, you have to research hard and find a good realtor in this concern. But exactly why they are considered such a luxurious one and what is needed to be done in this concern is the real deal. 

    Living in a Luxurious Condo

    If you want to live in a place that is considered luxurious, you need to shell out a handsome amount in this regard. That’s where it becomes difficult for everyone to leave their hand and search for a piece of real estate. And one good reason why they are always really expensive and out of reach of the majority of the people is because of their prime location and the history associated with the building. 

    The building in which One King West Hotel and Residence is located is an old building of which the history dates back to 1879, although not in the current shape. In the beginning, it was a 5-story building that housed the Dominion Bank. It was then the site held by Michie & Co. Grocers & Wine Merchants. 

    The company later turned the building into a 12-story building, and it became known as Dominion Bank Building until it was turned into a condo hotel in 2006. And the name was also changed to One King West Hotel and Residence. There is a new 51 story-tower that has been built and added to the original building. 

    The heritage of the building is what makes it so much exclusive and makes it one of the most sought-after condo complexes in Toronto. Although a hotel tower, people can rent it for a long time and make their guests from any other city feel at home in a luxurious environment. 

    King West 

    King West, or more specifically King Street West, is a commercial street in Toronto and is considered the fashion district of the city. The neighborhood in and around the street is considered a posh locality, and there is much demand for people to have a place to live here. The condos located here are high-end pieces of real estate, and that is one reason they are really luxurious and expensive.?

    If you are also looking for King West condos Toronto for rent or buying it out, please understand that you need to shell out a handsome amount in buying any condo. Even the rent is high as compared to the majority of the neighborhoods in Toronto. So, if you are still willing to find a place to live here, then you need to make proper arrangements for this and be ready for it, financially and physically. 

    As a prospective buyer of a luxurious condo, you need to think about the facilities and features you want to have. Remember that you are about to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a condo in this place or thousands of dollars for the rent. Be very specific about your requirements so that you don?t rue your decision later. Think hard about every scenario or situation that you may have to handle before and after shifting in the King West.

    Final Word

    Living a luxurious life and starting living in a condo that offers all the facilities which only the super-rich can afford is a dream for many. If you have the resources to go for it, there is no reason why you continue to live in a mediocre apartment or home. Make your dreams come true by securing the place of your dreams before it is too late. 

    If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog or want to ask something that is both, you are more than welcome to speak up. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below. 

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