RNI Registration : Important Facts for starting a newspaper in India

    RNI registration certificate

    RNI registration is regulated by the Press and Books Registration Act 1867. It?s a mandatory certificate that you need if your plan is to start a newspaper or magazine in the country. The task of issuing the certificate is given to Registrar of newspaper in India who has been entrusted with the following duties:

    RNI registration certificate
    • Compiling and maintaining a register containing the names of periodicals and newspapers currently in circulation
    • Issuing the RNI certificate to those looking to start a newspaper of magazine in India.
    • Watching over the circulation of the newspaper and ensuring that no newspaper breaks the statutory laws on basis of which they are granted RNI certificate.

    But are these the only facts that you need to concern yourself with? Of course not. To start a newspaper in India, you should know about everything. That includes:

    • The meaning of RNI registration
    • The process of getting the registration
    • The documents that you need to acquire the registration.
    • Whether you can obtain WWW based RNI registration (online newspaper) and
    • The newspaper registration fees

    The meaning of RNI registration

    To publish your newspaper in India, or any periodical for that matter, you need the permission of Registrar of Newspapers. They give you that permission by issuing you the RNI registration certificate. The process of obtaining the certificate and the terms and conditions that you have to abide by once you?re issued the certificate are decided as per the Press and Registration of Books Act of 1867.

    The process of getting RNI registration in India

    The process of starting of newspaper in India aka obtaining the RNI certificate is divided into the following steps:

    • Verification of the title of the newspaper: Without a unique title, your newspaper can?t exist in the country. That?s why, the very first task that the RNI has set before you is to choose a title of the newspaper that has the following four attributes:
      • New
      • Devoid of any national symbol
      • Unique
      • Meaningful

    In order to ensure that you don?t choose the wrong title by mistake, you can look into how to check RNI registrationonline? It will teach you the steps to find out whether your title is eligible for registration or not.

    The application for title verification has to be submitted both online and offline. While the registrar deals with the online application, the district magistrate (DM) is the one to whom you submit the offline application form. As for the RNI registration fees, you pay it via the online mode. Once the DM analyses and realizes that your title follows the four attributes, he issues to a title verification letter. 

    • Publication of the first copy: Declare on a stamp paper that you?ve gotten approval for the title of the newspaper. Submit that along with the title verification letter to the DM. He will authenticate the declaration and send you the appropriate notification. It will entail a deadline within which you?re supposed to publish the first copy of your newspaper in India:
      • If you wish to publish your newspaper/periodical on a daily or weekly basis, you?ll get 42 days to publish the first copy.
      • If you wish to publish your newspaper/periodical on a fortnightly or monthly basis, you?ll get 90 days to publish the first copy.

    Submit the publication to the Registrar of newspaper and if they approve its contents, you?ll obtain RNI registration in India.

    Note: In case you?re not able publish your newspaper within the deadline, you?ll need to once again file a declaration and get it authenticated from the District Magistrate.

    The documents required for RNI registration

    For getting the approval for the title of the newspaper, you need the documents mentioned below:

    • A duly filled RNI application form
    • Your ID proof and address proof
    • Certificate of incorporation of the company if you?ve applied for RNI registration as a business entity.
    • Trademark registration form for the title if applicable

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    To get approval for the publication of the newspaper and finally get the RNI registration certificate, the documents you need are:

    • RNI verification letter
    • Copy of authenticated declaration
    • First copy of the publication

    Can you get RNI registration for online newspaper?

    No.  As of this moment, the RNI act has no provisions which state that online newspaper requires RNI registration.

    What is the newspaper registration fees?

    The services that RNI offer you are free of any ?RNI registration? cost. However, to start your newspaper, you?d need professional assistance for the following:

    • Choosing a suitable title
    • Filing the application
    • Doing the leg work to ensure that your application is processed
    • Conducting the necessary follow ups with the department.

    So, if you?re ready and willing to finally start to put your newspaper plans into action, reach out to Registrationwala.


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