Career Opportunities through Hotel Management

Being one of the most diverse fields out there, hotel management has managed to earn the reputation of being a degree which is ‘for all’.

Regardless of your field of interest and passion; hotel management has a space and opportunities for everyone to co-exist. Upon graduating from a hotel management institute in Kolkata, you are up for some great prospects. There will literally be a plethora of opportunities waiting you.

hotel management institute in Kolkata,

In this article, we will be explaining you a little about all the various job roles you will be able to take and succeed in through a hotel management degree.

Hotel Manager/Director

This is by far the most sought after position by students in the field of hotel management. The manager is ideally the head of all the other employees/staff working in that hotel.

They are the one who has to manage the whole staff and also keep in check if everyone’s job roles are being met dutifully. The hotel manager has to also account for the guest satisfaction. They also work closely with the HR team, management team, kitchen and cleaning team too.

They are the ones responsible for creating a healthy and positive work environment despite of the challenges.

Chef/ Culinary Head

The chef’s teams work primarily in the kitchen. When you start out, you work below the head chef and slowly based on your performance, you get a chance to be upgraded to higher positions.

The chefs prepare the specials in the menu, cook food for the guests arriving at a hotel and also ensure that everything in the kitchen is running smoothly. It is a very collaborative field. If you enter the world of hotel management, one thing which you must keep in mind that it is the job of team players. You simply cannot survive being alone and headstrong.

Marketing/ Advertising

The marketing division of the hotels is also commonly known as the PR field. It is one of the most important divisions. They handle the outside reputation of the hotel. Their main tasks include promoting the hotel and portraying a good image of the hotel in the eyes of the media.

They also have to take a look at any kind of negative publicity and have to counter that with positive influences. A team of marketing experts work in this division. Thoughtfully, marketing and PR is an important part of almost every hotel management course’s curriculum.


Another very lucrative field in the world of hotel management is entrepreneurship. Many people who dream of owning their own hotel, cafe, pub or restaurant often find it difficult to educate themselves on the field.

Pursuing a hotel management course gives them an upper hand in the same. They learn everything that they have to about the business, working and even the internal dynamics of this industry. Only when you know an industry can you actually excel in that.


These are just some of the most chosen fields of hotel management industry. There are obviously many other sub categories to choose from like accounting, finance, teaching and etc. If you want a more detailed bioscope in the field of hotel management, it will be wise to talk to an education counselor. They can guide you.

For a free counseling session, just drop a comment below and our team shall guide you further.

All the best!

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