Steps For Reolink E1 Pro Camera Wireless Network connection

    Reolink E1 Pro Camera

    Reolink E1 Camera 5MP Wi-Fi Indoor Security Camera. It works by connecting to the WiFi network. This Camera supports the 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi New technology. Features are 3X Optical Zoom Wi-Fi CCTV Camera, Pan Tilt Zoom for Elder Pet Baby, 2Way Audio, Remote Viewing, With SD Card Slot, can add to an NVR system and E1 zoom Camera. It is a Flexible smart home security camera. E1 zoom security camera is smart and powerful, 5MP super HD and Optical Zoom are added into this compact security camera. It also blends into your home seamlessly. This camera video and picture quality are actually good compared to others.

    This WiFi security camera rotates 355 degrees horizontally and 50 degrees vertically, thus you can easily control the angle to see every part of your home, office, or more areas that you want secure with using this security camera. With built-in 2T2R MIMO antennas and dual-band Wi-Fi technology. This Camera Ensures a more securable connection with the Router. The Reolink E1 setup is very basic and quick.

    Connect Reolink E1 Pro security camera with Wireless Network

    This home security camera can record and save motion continuous 24/7 recording in the Micro SD card Up to 64GB. You can play recorded videos Via Free Reolink App and client anytime or anywhere. This security camera is best for homes, offices. The first thing to You have to do for connecting the camera with the Wi-Fi, you have to download the Reolink App on your mobile phone or pc. Make sure your device is connected to the Wi-Fi network. After downloading this app, install it. Wait for a few minutes, the Reolink app is installed now. Tap or click on this app Icon and open it. Accept all terms and conditions of this app. Click on the allow option to Allow Reolink to take pictures and record videos.

    After opening the Reolink App, Tap on the ?+? icon that is given on your App screen right corner. Now, you have to find the QR code on your Reolink E1 pro security camera. After finding the QR code, scan this code with your Reolink app. Now, touch your camera with your Pc app.  

    Connect E1 security camera with Wi-Fi

    You have to need now, configure your Reolink E1 security camera. Plugin the camera on the power adaptor, connect your security camera with the Ethernet cable. Also plugin your power adaptor in an electric socket. Again scan your camera QR code in the App. The camera makes the ticking sound. That means your camera is working now. Connect your device with the Wi-Fi, tap or click on the login option. To access the Wi-Fi network, click on the Login box and enter the password, click on the login option. If your device is not connecting with the device, then click new login. The device initialization is starting now. It?s now asking you to create a login username and password. After completing the login credentials, click on the next option.

    Connect E1 security camera With a network

    After completing the login, look on your Pc, it prompts your camera name, and clicks next. Now, visit Wi-Fi settings, and please select the Wi-Fi to which the device is going to connect. Tap on the camera name and connect with Putting the password. Now, trying to connect to the router, please wait patiently for a few seconds. Click on the skip or save option. Format your SD card for normal use, your camera will delete and reboot your all files or videos and click on ok and the next option. The Initialization process is completed now. Now, the Reolink E1 3mp Camera setup is completed.

    More information about the E1 security camera

    After connecting the camera with the network, open the Reolink App to get more information about the security camera. You have to go into the Device information Using this app, you can easily do your Reolink E1 pro reset. To reset your camera, you have to simply press the reset button it is given below the Camera. You can be using any object, press the reset button for a few seconds. After a few seconds, leave the reset button. The camera is reboot now and turns on again the power of your Reolink E1 camera.

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