Tips to score well in writing task of the IELTS exam

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    IELTS Exam comprises of tasks based on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of English language. Writing tasks are very challenging and gives stress to the aspirants. It is generally observed that aspirants score low band score in writing tasks. The writing tasks comprise of two tasks one is essay and the other one is letter or pr?cis to be written. Essay should be written in 40 minutes and the other task should be written in 20 minutes. These tasks need to be accomplished in the prescribed time limit therefore it needs a special expertise. Let us highlight some significant tips to enhance writing skills for IELTS exam

    Practice the following tips to score well in the writing tasks of IELTS exam

    1. Understand the topic

    The topic given for the essay should be understood clearly. Topics are generally taken from the burning topics of the world. Know the points that can be included in the essay. Recall the incident if it is incident or event specific. For example if a topic is based on any of the aspects of COVID-19 Outbreak. It can be easily written if one has adequate knowledge of the circumstances and after-effects of COVID-19 throughout the world. Therefore, concentrate on the topic so that you can relate the authentic points.

    2. Read the instructions

    Read the instructions carefully and follow them while attempting the questions. Carefully note the word limit prescribed and the time given to attempt the task. It will enhance your chances of scoring high band. Do not skip any of the writing instructions.

    3. Make an outline of the write-up

    Think and write an outline of the topic you are going to write. In case you have joined the Best IELTS coaching in Ludhiana, It will help in framing the most relevant and competent write-up to fetch a good score. You can relate the events of the recent times to express your thought. Make sure the description is true and authentic or else ignore if you are not sure.

    4. Start the essay with the strong points

    Introduction should be highly expressive. Body of the essay must start with the strong points to keep the reader glued to the topic. Make the expressions captivating and concise. Explain the points keeping in mind the word limit and the extent of the topic. Do not add any irrelevant point or else you may lose marks.

    5. Practice the Essay Structure.

    There is a set pattern to write an essay. Divide the word limit into three parts and then frame the introduction, body, and conclusion of the essay. Always start with an impressive introduction to make it catchy and captivating. The body should include the strong points related to the topic and in the end, conclude it effectively. While writing the essay keep in mind the relevant facts and then relate them to the body of the essay. you will be given enough writing drills to master your essay writing. Besides, that one should practice one essay at home. You can buy practice tests of IELTS and practice from there at home to be familiar with the types of topics asked.

    6. Paragraphing your points

    Make paragraphs of every point to show the diverse explanations. A running text does not make an interesting read. Pointers with appropriate starting make it worth a read. It makes the reader anxious to know your thoughts on the topic. 

    7. Use of simple sentence structures

    Candidates should avoid complex sentences in the essay. Make simple and easy-to-understand text. Use simple words and phrases to make it effective. Simple sentences are easy to understand. It will make your ideas clear and cohesive. Use the present ideas to express your thoughts by supporting it with an example or evidence. It will be simple to assess the present ideas than to make it look like a contemporary essay.

    8. Adhere to the word count

    The essay has a word limit in the IELTS exam. Read the instructions carefully and keep in mind the limit prescribed for the test. Every extra word will be penalized even if you have written a wonderful essay yet it will be considered to deduct marks. The word limit should be strictly followed. Writing skills are evaluated to know who can relate the topic within the word limit. Enclose your thoughts in a precise and impressive format. Do not make it long enough to make the reader boring. What will happen if the examiner gets bored!!!! Be pr?cis and accurate rather than being expressive.

    Follow these tips to enhance your writing skills. You may join the Best IELTS coaching institute in Patiala or nearby your location. Practice as much as you can to master the writing skills to earn a good score in IELTS writing tasks.

    All the best!!!


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