How do I protect my motorcycle in an open trailer?

    protect my motorcycle

    Motorcycles are one of the most important assets of those who own bikes. Transporting the motorcycle from one place to another requires a lot of expert guidance and proper methodology. While moving a motorcycle in an enclosed trailer is a safe one, transporting it in an open trailer can be quite difficult. This requires proper methods to ensure the motorcycle is safely transported to the destination without any damage.

    What is the risk of transporting a motorcycle in an open trailer?

    As an open trailer is not enclosed on all sides, the most important criterion is to secure the motorcycle well. Herein taking professional assistance will make it easy to handle the transport process without trouble. Experts know the exact methodology to transit a bike and secure it safely in an open trailer will ensure there is no damage to the bike. Taking proper steps before securing the motorcycle will ensure the bikes are stable during transport.

    Ways to protect a motorcycle on an open trailer

    One of the essential points to ensure your motorcycle is well protected when loaded on an open trailer is to tightly fasten the trailer using traps and chocks. Herein, using a cover is an optional point, as it can cause more damage to the motorcycle. Moreover, ensure to cover any holes present on the motorcycle to keep the water and moisture out. This will help to minimize the damage to the bike.

    So let’s look into the steps on how you can protect your motorcycle in an open trailer below:

    Step 1: Strap the motorcycle

    The most crucial thing, to begin with, is strapping your motorcycle properly. When you are securing your bike in an open trailer, it is foremost to ensure it is placed at a position where the weight is adequately distributed. This means neither is it parked too far away nor too close to the tailgate. Thus, herein it is recommended to fasten it with at least four straps to secure it tightly.

    Step 2: Where to secure the straps?

    When strapping the motorcycle, it has to be secured in the appropriate points. There are only three parts where you can attach them properly when securing an open trailer. These include front shocks, handlebars, and the points of frames. Besides, do not try to secure the strap anywhere in places like gas tanks, wires, or the footpegs that can slide the bike from the trailer. It?s better that you opt for a motorcycle transportation service which will take care of all these things. 

    Step 3: Never compress the shocks while tightening the straps

    One thing to remember when the motorcycle is strapped is to never compress the shocks more than 50%, or else it can damage the bike. Moreover, you can also tie down and secure the slack left in the strap to slide and hit other passing vehicles.

    Step 4: Plug any open holes

    Strapping is the very first step in ensuring your bike is well placed in the open trailer. However, the work is not done yet. There are other minor tasks that need to be well processed before you can actually begin your transit to the destination. This includes plugging up any holes on the motorcycle like the exhaust and intake. Besides, this is more important if your bike comprises of pod filters instead of an airbox.

    Herein you can use any material like old socks or clothes to cover them. However, you also need to ensure you remove them before you start the bike, as this will prevent the water from getting into other parts of your motorcycle.

    Step 5: Covering the motorcycle

    As you transport your motorcycle in an open trailer, it is necessary to take all precautions so that the vehicle is not damaged. One of the important criteria here is to cover the bike that would prevent it from getting hit by debris and rocks on the road while traveling. However, do not cover your bike during a high-speed haul as it will cause dirt getting deposited inside the bike and thereby damaging its parts.

    Step 6: Tighten the flaps of the cover

    If you are covering the motorcycle, then tighten the flaps tightly so that no wind enters the bike. You can also opt for saran wrap in the place of a cover for damaged parts easily.

    Most importantly, you can also use mud flaps for your motorcycle as they assist in protecting your bike from getting hit by debris and rocks while towing it. Moreover, they also provide extra protection to the bike during travel.

    Miscellaneous points

    Choosing the right trailer that can accommodate your bike is an important criterion. Ensure the trailer is able to bear the weight and take the load of your bike. Taking accurate measures and precautions will make transporting your bike on an open trailer an easy task.

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