The perfect choice for your home with premium tiles in 2020

    premium home tiles

    1. What are the main types of tiles you can trust?

    There are currently 3 types of premium ceramic tiles that consumers value for their quality and aesthetics. The details of the 3 types of materials that make up the main brick’s name are as follows.

    1.1. Top-quality ceramic tile material

    Ceramics is a popular material produced by many brands of bricks, especially from the highest quality ceramic tiles that are excellent in both quality and aesthetics. The 2020 ceramic tile price list is very competitive, so it will suit a lot of people. Ceramic tiles represent most of the clay in the composition, and the rest is stone powder.

    However, with modern premium manufacturing technology, premium tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, providing the highest quality space for use. You can use high-quality tiles to cover your living room, bathroom, terrace, without worrying about quality protection issues.

    Ceramic tiles are available in many models to suit many styles of homes. Whether your home’s style is classic, modern, sophisticated, or simple, there are top quality tiles and floors to suit your choice. Plus, choosing master tiles will help make the tile space more luxurious and premium than ever, which will add value to the home you will be living in.

    1.2. Porcelain raw materials

    Porcelain stoneware also consists of earth and stone chips, but the proportion is mixed with ceramic tiles when the composition of the stone chips is higher. Unlike ceramic tiles, this type of brick is a single whole. Therefore the structure is very dense and does not create voids as much as ceramic tiles. This type of premium ceramic material is more substantial than ceramic material and harder, waterproofing and support characteristics are also more valuable.

    When it comes to aesthetics, world-class porcelain stoneware is also prized for its surface shine, true colors, and luxurious patterns. In particular, this type of brick is highly durable with chemical products, providing optimal aesthetics for use in space. You can also use porcelain stoneware in any position for your home, with comprehensive quality benefits, this model will protect your home in the best way.

    1.3. Prime Cotto tiles

    Prime Cotto tiles are glazed digital vitrified tiles on the surface and generally have a characteristic red color. This brick has a high hardness and the water permeability is also very good, prolonging the useful life of the space used. This type of brick is more suitable for outdoor use than for indoor use, but in some cases, the use of this type of indoor brick is still very appropriate.

    The places that often use this type of Cotto tile are old-style cafes style, restaurants and old-style houses. Using red Cotto tiles in an elegant design, this type of brick will highlight the old beauty from these designs to the user’s desire.

    Compared to the two types of bricks mentioned above, Cotto bricks are priced to sell cheaper and first-class bricks, so they often catch consumers’ attention when they choose. While there are many sizes to choose from, these tiles are preferred by consumers in specific formats.

    People often prefer 40×40 and 50×50 chips over other sizes. The reason is that they are bricks of a size that adapts to the eyes and blends well with the current terrain of the house. Due to the many benefits and reasonable prices, many consumers choose Cotto Prime bricks to save money, but they beautify and protect their patio.

    2. We present various samples of beautiful high-quality tiles

    You can refer to multiple elegant and luxurious tile models below.

    2.1. Imitation brick wood

    Imitation Wood Prime Prime models are used for wall and floor coverings, ensuring the highest quality in your home. Prime creates patterns with grain and color, such as natural wood, that are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. To enhance the natural look of the product, the stroke also creates rectangular tile dimensions, mimicking the shape of a log to create the most natural definition of the space used.

    The advantage of using fake wood tiles is to bring a lot of warmth to the space used thanks to the warm color of the wood. The beauty of wood also helps make the space more luxurious, increasing the cost of living. Therefore, top-notch wood tiles are never lacking on the showroom shelf.

    2.2. Stone tiles

    Modern models made of first-class bricks explore lightness and sophistication, making the lines very thin, delicate, and the color feels luxurious. Due to the brightness of the brick design, modern home models are now prevalent for creating aesthetics and enhancing their homes’ high-quality features. The stone designs are very diverse, from turquoise, ruby ??to smoky gray, creamy white they all add modern beauty.

    Usually, when buying high quality stone tiles, people often choose porcelain. Because in this material, the patterned stone tiles are of the most top beauty, honesty and sophistication. The price of stone pattern mosaic is also very varied, depending on the size and pattern of the pattern, the cost of each design will be different, so you will have more options for this brick pattern.

    2.3. Dot mosaic pattern

    As a template for a railing and as the name implies, this template uses moments to create accents for the space used. The dotted tiles pattern is very diverse, and they can be flowers, leaves, still lifes, all with their nuances and suitable for each user’s preference.

    The standard brick model is a simple 300×600 brick because that size generally matches the area of ??many houses today. Prime produces these meticulous quality tiles, creating the highest aesthetic for the space used. Board bricks can be used in many regions because accentuating the area shouldn’t be too demanding when used and helps create a more luxurious look for the used space.

    3. Consult the criteria for choosing a brick for the house in which you live

    When selecting the base tiles to use, you should pay attention to some of the following problems.

    3.1. Choose the correct mosaic size

    The brick size should be appropriate for the area used. Otherwise, it will affect the aesthetics of your home. If you use bricks that are too big for space, the overall size will decrease. Conversely, if the tiles are too small for the tile space, it will create a sense of confusion for the person inside.

    You can choose the size of the main tiles according to the following suggestion:

    – For spaces of less than 18 m2, choose 300×300 smooth tiles.

    – The spaces from 18m2 to 36m2 with 40×40 and 50×50 tiles are reasonable.

    – The area of ??the house of more than 36m2 will correspond to cheap 60×60 tiles with a basic floor. If the space is too large, such as villas, restaurant halls, it is recommended to use 80×80 brick for the floor.

    3.2. Select a mosaic pattern

    Depending on the style of your home, you can choose the appropriate colors and patterns. Also, pay attention to the harmony of the first-class tiles with the house; everyone must follow the same theme to achieve unity. Also, pay attention to the feng shui problem when choosing the tiles’ color to provide the best for family members.

    It should be noted that the places used to relax, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, should choose soft colors and less detailed patterns. This will help your rest more efficiently, thus maximizing the functionality of the tiled space.

    4. Conclusion

    First-class tiles are designed with luxury and extreme sophistication and will add aesthetic value to your home. So don’t ignore the leading brand when choosing your home tiles offline!

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