How to choose the best tiles when building a new house?

    cheap porcelain tiles

    When preparing to build a house, there are many things to worry about and everyone wants to reduce the cost of materials to the lowest possible level. In particular, the question of buying cheap tiles is a matter for many people. If you also want to know the methods to buy cheap bricks, read the following offline article.

    1. Criteria for choosing Porcelain tiles for use?

    In addition to choosing cheap mosaics, you should pay attention to the quality of the collections before considering the price. The criteria for choosing cheap Porcelain tiles are as follows.

    1.1. It has high rigidity

    If you want to buy cheap porcelain tiles in Hanoi, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, you need to find suitable quality tiles before evaluating the price. Solid bricks are the ones to consider when buying. Especially the tiles. Because the floor is the place to transport the most significant mass and force acting on it, if the floor is not strong enough, after a while, it can easily split and break when too much force is applied to the surface.

    Poor quality and cheap porcelain tiles should not be confused with high quality. Once you choose a brick that is not strong enough, you will need more time for repairs and money for materials. So pay attention to the hardness criteria of the tiles when choosing to buy the best quality.

    1.2. Good waterproofing

    The next criterion when choosing polished glazed porcelain tiles is to pay attention to the problem of waterproofing. Water permeability is the reason why its brick walls deteriorate and damage quickly. If you don’t pay attention and buy the wrong cheap tiles and quality errors, it will be very harmful.

    When waterproofing is poor, walls can quickly encounter cracking problems and cause problems such as contact, electric shock, and house destruction if left in place for long periods. This is a widespread problem when you buy low-quality tiles or don’t even use them.

    Also, when the brick wall is easily absorbed, it can cause harmful effects like algae, moss, mold, etc. Some molds also spread small particles that make people sick, most often allergies or breathing problems. Therefore, before choosing cheap 40×40, cheap 50×50, cheap 60×60 tiles … anywhere, you need to consider the details of waterproofing bricks.

    1.3. Good anti-slip

    The next criterion to consider is the non-slip property of brick products. This is to ensure the safety of everyone in your family. Especially in areas prone to moisture, this feature should be more advanced when purchasing tile. You can refer to this function for use in your home.

    2. How to buy cheap tiles

    If you want to buy cheap tiles, you can check the following methods.

    2.1. Buy bricks for the anniversary in the store

    Prices for cheap 3000×3000, cheap 600×600, cheap 600×1200 tiles are usually sold on the anniversary of the store. As a general rule, promotions are held at each store for the anniversary of the store itself. Stay tuned these days for cheaper bricks.

    In order not to miss the opportunity to buy cheap porcelain tile, you should pay attention to the hanging panel product discount notice in front of the agents. Usually, the dealer notifies you 1 week in advance and anticipates the time. Remember the day of selling cheap groceries so you don’t lose savings!

    2.2. Buy tiles for big parties

    I would like to buy a cheap tile, “look” at the great parties of the year. Promotions are often held these days to attract buyers. These promotions generally apply to all the products offered by the store, but the prices will not be the same.

    2.3. Buy clearance

    Cheap scrap tiles are the smart choice for you if you want to save some money. Don’t think of discarded bricks as evil or inferior models, and the truth is the exact opposite. Brick makers often counterfeit some of the beautiful and attractive brick designs on the market. This is the reason behind the delay in the beautiful brick structures.

    Distributors who discard the correct size Hanoi 40×40 floor tiles or bricks sell inventory quickly, so they settle at very low prices. Sometimes the sale price is only half the price of the product and it will save you the cost of buying a brick. Don’t miss out on buying liquidated bricks for more incentives.

    2.4. Buy bricks in Tier 1 agents and bulk

    The price of porcelain tiles also depends on the distributor’s distribution level, which is closer to the manufacturer that sells bricks at a lower price. If you want to buy cheap tokens, you need to buy bricks with Tier 1 agents to get the best deal for the cost of used bricks.

    Also, you need to calculate the number of chips needed to buy large quantities at the same time. Purchase lots of bricks will help you earn enough points to get a dealer promotion. These promotions may include products, free shipping, discounts, depending on the amount of the order. Ask employees about promotions, so you don’t miss out on any promotions.

    3. Please note when choosing to buy cheap porcelain tile

    When choosing to buy cheap porcelain tiles, you should also check the tiles’ selection for your home. You can check the following exchange.

    3.1. Choose tiles that are harmonious in size and harmony with the set

    You must trust the area of ??the house to choose the mosaic pattern accordingly. There are many sizes of bricks on the market today, suitable for many housing areas, so you can freely choose. Also, choose a tile and tile size proportional to each other. The design of the two types of tiles does not coincide, it will greatly affect the aesthetics of the house in which you are staying.

    If you are not sure how many brick sizes to choose, you can consult a builder. Or you can also provide the area of ??your home for sellers and seek advice. Experienced sellers will help you select the correct tile size.

    3.2. Choose bricks with reasonable colors and patterns.

    You must rely on inspiration, the style of the case, to choose the right colors and patterns. Don’t look at a sample of cheap tiles that can be bought right away regardless of suitability. Depending on the body style, you can choose the matching brick model, and please do not select “your chin tucked beard,” it will look extraordinary.

    Or, if you want to be elegant and never have a date, you can go for safe brick designs. The recommended samples are fake wood and artificial stone. Don’t worry, and these designs will make your home look “older”. Because today there are very fresh and impressive natural tiles on the market that will help your home be full of vitality, very aesthetic and luxurious.

    3.3. Interested in feng shui

    Feng shui is an essential factor and you should not ignore this feature when choosing porcelain tiles. Depending on the destiny of each person, there will be suitable colors and patterns for each person. Therefore, you must determine your right destination to choose the appropriate tiles. Selecting a tile with your feng shui will help your luck draw to your home. Good feng shui influences family harmony, because there are many dull green families due to feng shui.

    These are the factors to consider when buying cheap porcelain tiles, you should look for the best finishes for your home.

    4. Conclusion

    Hopefully, the section in this article will help you better understand how to buy cheap tokens and how to use them accordingly. Don’t forget to follow the information in the article to make your home perfect and achieve high aesthetics!

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