Post Construction Cleaning Checklist

Post Construction Cleaning

A construction project is still not ready to be used even after the completion. That means it lacks a post clean up before dispatching the contractor. The final step is to comprehensively inspect the site to make sure if everything is intact, clean, organised and safe. 

A Post Construction Cleaning Checklist is a point-by-point document which is detailed precisely about the different areas of worksite with respective categories of specific cleaning process. This helps the workers to identify and manage any remaining cleaning tasks which are mandatory before handing over the project to clients. Many people hire junk removal Solano County services for this purpose.

This incredibly important step comprises a construction punch list and ensures that all loose ends are tied up, the property compiles with the standard and the damage is well addressed. To ensure the execution of this final walk through, a custom post construction cleaning checklist can be designed and utilised.

How to Create a Cleaning Checklist?

Your custom post construction cleaning checklist should cover each area of the building. This list should serve your workers as a roadmap to go through every aspect of the building structure, including floors, windows, ceilings and even external features such as lawn or roof. 

Here is a list of things to add in your post construction cleaning checklist:

Entry and Exit Points

Doors are the first thing the owner will notice after arriving at the building. All doors and windows should be inspected for any remains of debris. Clean all the exterior lights as they will add beauty to the site. Ensure that all the lights in the building are functional so the owner gets a heartwarming response by switching on random buttons. Properly clean the door frames and door knobs. Wipe down the windows so the view from inside soothes the owner. Also, sweep all the entrance ways. 

Post Construction Cleaning

Common Areas

The living rooms and common areas of the building should be well-lit, tidy and free of dirt. All the signs of construction work should be removed professionally. Assure that the floors are vacuumed and mopped properly. All the switch boards are dry and clean. Windows, window sills and window tracks are dust free and spotless. Paint drops on floors and scuff on walls are cleared. And don?t forget to dispose of all the trash before the arrival of the owner.


The client would never miss to look at the bedroom on his first visit to the site. Clean the insides of closets and remove the paint from hinges. Clean the ceiling fans and dust the grates. Ensure that all the vents are unblemished. Wipe down the baseboards and dust the built-in shelves in the bedroom. 


Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in a house, but they are also the ones that matters the most. All the bathrooms under your construction project should be in working and usable condition. Ensure that the toilets are properly sanitised. Mirrors, cabinets and counters are wiped down for any dirt or water marks. Inside of the cabinets and drawers are neat. Sink bathtub and shower are speckless and hygienic. The floors are spotless and dry. 


Kitchens can be a little tricky to clean as the complicated crevices and spaces are often overlooked. To cleanse the kitchen area, you need to dust the outside as well as the inside of all the shelves and counters. All the cabinet hardware should be stainless and secured in a way that it does not block the working space. All the kitchen appliances should be free of any smudges. 

Outdoor Spaces

The final step of this checklist is the analysis of the exterior of the site. Power wash the walkways and clean all the porches, decks and patios. The garage door and mailbox should be dirt-less. The driveway should be clear of any mud or crud. Make sure that all the construction material such as packagings, plastic, tape, wood etc are disposed of properly and all the trash is taken out of premises of the site.

By hitting up all these marks in your post construction cleaning checklist, not only will your work be exceptional but the feedback from clients will be absolutely positive which will help your firm to grow nationally. Having said that, apart from cleaning the residential unit before it?s ready to be used, you need to ensure there?s no junk left in it. This junk i.e. post-construction debris requires professional help, as you won?t be able to do it on your own. So, hire the best company i.e. 3 Kings Hauling and More leave this work to the professionals. This company offers the best services at the most economical rates.?

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