From Polo Field to Your Wrist- Polo Mallet Bracelet

    polo mallet bracelet

    The equestrian style (horse-riding fashion) has inspired the fashion world and numerous brands over many decades. But, polo lovers are just apart from the rest and brought the symbol of polo into the fashion world.


    Bianca Verneuil and Cl?ment Gosset are those polo lovers. They felt being polo players, they belonged to a special club. An international club and they wanted the world to know without having to tell. Their social media feeds are bountiful with their pictures. They loved telling about them (to anyone who would listen) and the latest battlefield (polo matches) stories of riding and hooking or scoring the perfect goal.

    At the end of the day, if asked why so? Because they are proud of them. The intention both had was to let the world know they had a polo bug in them. They believed, when you meet a fellow poloist in a crowd, there is always a camaraderie feel and a mutual connection between them. 

    Both Bianca Verneuil and Cl?ment Gosset clearly understand this and most of the polo lover?s crowd was with them.? They decided to create something specially designed for polo lovers, something they could wear every day and show their love for the sport. This inspiration gave birth to the Vernet Paris Polo Mallet Bracelet.

    According to Bianca, they pondered over many ideas and finally stopped at the Mallet. The Polo Mallet is not only the most important sports accessory for a polo player, but it’s beautiful as well. They believe wearing a polo mallet bracelet is the best way to show your passion for the polo world.  Bianca and Cl?ment are avid polo players of whom Bianca considers herself an amateur. Cl?ment has a handicap of 3 and loves to zoom down on the polo fields of Deauville and Chantilly.

    Today they have customers from across the globe and ship their bracelets to wherever a polo lover wants. Remembering with a smile on her face, Bianca says the first order they acquired was from the USA. This made them realize they are not the only lovers of polo in the world who want to show our love for the sport. They were happy when they received orders for the bracelets from everywhere, but loved to export to Argentina, especially Palermo, Hurlingham, and Tortugas, famous polo places.

    A bit on the world-famous bracelet, they began using different materials for the mallets, so each bracelet was made differently, but most famous is the silver polo mallet bracelet.

    How is the bracelet made?

    To begin with, a 3D concept drawing is made. It’s not easy to make the drawing as it’s the base and needs to be perfect! So, professional people were appointed for the drawing. They talked about what they wanted, showed them some pictures, showed them the real mallets, and showed how it’s used so they could understand the motions.

    Once the 3D design was ready, a mould was created. The mould is tested 2 to 3 times and sometimes even more until satisfaction from the result is achieved. Then, the polo mallet gets the finishing touches by engraving the details like the design, logo, and the grip. Then the last step, polishing to perfection.

    Each bracelet is tested for a month, daily, and everywhere. They play polo with it, take care of the horses? overall, go by their daily routine! And, if no problem is seen with the product and all proof sheets pass the test, the mould is validated.

    Once the validated mould is ready, the production of the polo mallet braceletbegins. Then they decided to try out a new concept- a mallet bracelet made of resin. One that has a funky and colorful look, ideal for long days at the beach for kids and adults alike.

    The Uniqueness of the Bracelet

    A polo mallet bangle is not like other bangles. The bracelet is very flexible making it easy to put on or remove when you want. This makes the bracelet very durable, unlike the others. The detail used in the polo mallet and handle represents polo sport.

    The specialty of the bracelet

    Each mallet bracelet is a classic piece that’s been cashed and finished by hand in sterling silver plated and solid brass. The design instantly shows the love for polo and gives polo players and supporters a special recognition among others. Designed to fit any wrist size, it’s very durable and stretchable, so it fits perfectly on squeezing into your wrist to wear it.

    Types of Polo Mallet Bracelets

    • POLO MALLET HORSE BANGLE: The polo mallet horse bangle is very flexible and easy to wear. The bangle is quite durable and won’t break like other bangles. The details of the polo mallet are accurately described representing the sport. The bangle is made from Sterling Silver (925 Sterling Silver that’s nickel-free and tarnishes resistant) and fits any wrist. The polo mallet is 1? tall; 1/4? (end of the mallet); 5/8? by 3/8? (handle of a mallet).
    • YELLOW POLO MALLET BRACELET: This bracelet is made from yellow gold and comes with leather links. It’s available in black and pink gold-plated as well.
    • RAWHIDE & SILVER POLO STICK BRACELET: This Argentine bracelet is made from rawhide and is fitted with a silver polo stick clasp. The bracelet is available in Brown Leather, Brown Rawhide, and Natural Rawhide as well.
    • SOLID STERLING SILVER HEAVY POLO MALLET CUFF BRACELET: Crafted from solid .925 Sterling Silver in a durable design. The extra-large size fits men’s wrist comfortably. Other unisex sizes are also available.
    • STERLING SILVER POLO MALLET BANGLE DESIGN: Handcrafted from solid .925 Sterling Silver, ideal for the polo gals! The polo mallet runs towards the top with hooks placed beneath the mallet head. Ideal for medium or small lady wrists.


    Polo is considered a royal sport that is played by the elite society. The sport has lovers across the globe and lovers always like to show their love to others. The polo mallet bracelet is a perfect accessory to show your love for the sport or to gift to someone who loves Polo.

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