What Factors Should You Consider Before Choosing a Bulk SMS Provider?

If you have been looking for SMS services for your business such as Promotional Bulk SMS, then getting the services from an SMS provider is the best route. Using bulk SMS can be one of the best modes of communication that marketers can you these days.

Though it might feel old and basic, bulk SMS is still one of the major tools to improve your marketing strategies. But choosing an SMS provider is not as simple as you might feel.

Here are some of the factors that you should consider before you opt for one of these providers for your personal business. Let?s have a look at the factors:

SMS grey routes

Thought this might not be the case in most of the bulk SMS providers, it’s still better to ask the question form them. Ask them if they still use tier 1 direct to a network connection to send their bulk SMS or not. Since this is one of the fastest and secure methods to deliver bulk SMS, it can be useful for your business.


Most of the time these days, companies or providers have a credit system where you are offered a number of credits to use for sending bulk SMS. Most companies now remove credits after some time when you stop using their services.

You might not be told about this when you are opting for their services, but you can find the same information buried deep inside their terms and conditions. This is why it’s better that you ask them yourself when talking to them.

Undelivered SMS

Almost all the companies these days will charge you for the messages that weren?t delivered. Since all the messages are sent in bulk, it’s harder to control single ones for delivery. But they will still charge you for each SMS.

That?s why to make this clear in the beginning before you start using their services. It’s best to be aware at the beginning than disappointed once you get charged more for fewer messages.


When choosing a bulk SMS company, its best to ask them for all the details about their charges. Most of the providers you will find will have very complicated pricing that is hard to understand at the beginning.

In some cases, you will realize that the prices are low for only the new customers and once you are opt-in for a second time, you will be charged more. This is why to save money and not get confused, its best to ask them for a clear SMS pricing including any hidden and future charges as well.

Some companies also tend to use credit instead of direct prices. One provider might mention low credit prices per SMS but later you might realize it is based on the country you are going to send the SMS to.

Make it clear with the provider at the beginning, how much credit will be required for each SMS based on counties. Make sure you check all the prices properly before sending international bulk SMS services.


As with any other product or service, its as good as the support they offer. This is why it?s important that you test out their support before asking for their services. There is no point in waiting for too long if you have asked a simple question.

A simple question like ?charges for Transactional Bulk SMS? should not take too long to get an answer from the provider. If it is taking more time compared to what you estimated than you should probably look for another provider.


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