Must-See Places For Couples In Amsterdam

If you’re looking for romance, Amsterdam quickly comes to your mind. Amsterdam’s charming and historical city was named the most romantic city in Europe. The article further stated that Amsterdam’s Dutch capital’s canals, flowers, and eateries that could distract you from Paris, Venice, Rome, or perhaps Milan. Amsterdam is something like an open-air museum or a postcard brought to life. Walking through the old city streets or along the canals will cause you to feel awestruck by the city and the person there. To help you bring romance to your next journey, here are five beautiful things that you should do when in Amsterdam with your partner.

Upside Down Museum

Upside Down Museum is located in Pasay City, near Star City, Wensha Spa, and World Trade Center. If you enjoy taking pictures and have a knack for directing people to their destination, then this museum is for you.

If you do not have another person to share the experience with, do not worry, as there will be marshalls and staff assisting you in taking your photo. They will guide you to the ideal position before taking your photo.

It is possible to take pictures of their exhibits which will transform into a frame or a display. If you are looking for an area to rest after a long day, we have an area nearby that has one that is a Spanish-themed guesthouse. Capture some fun-filled moments you spend in the Upside Down Museum in Amsterdam with the Upside Down Amsterdam tickets?and pose like professional models in front of the installed cameras in every section of the museum.

Eye Film Museum

The Dutch center for heritage and culture in the film will help develop a viable film industry within the Netherlands and also help promote Dutch film both at home and abroad. In addition, The EYE is also committed to educating people about the film industry in general and promoting the art of film through exhibitions, film screenings and workshops, and discussions.

The new building, which is situated across IJ from Amsterdam Central Station, has been open since April 2012. The striking building resembles the shape of a colossal eye (at least, I believe so). It also has cinemas, exhibit spaces, and a caf? with views. Take a day off from your Amsterdam itinerary and buy an Eye Film Museum ticket?to visit Eye Film Museum with your loved ones. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the history of filmmaking, including its many branches, from classics to contemporary novelties.

Tour Amsterdam’s Most Popular Canals

Some of the most romantic spots in Amsterdam are the canals which are also one of the primary motives why millions of tourists visit each year. Amsterdam’s 17th-century waterways form unique and consist of more than 165 canals you can visit via boat. They are all very welcoming and famous, but Prinsengracht (Prince’s canal) is the most sought-after one, where you can discover some of the fascinating houseboats in Amsterdam. If you think about that, there’s no reason not to explore the canals since the most effective and memorable way to explore Amsterdam is by water. It’s as romantic as it gets, especially as the sun begins setting. Most all the vessels available for rental are located close to the Centraal Station. There are many choices, such as free ferries; however, the most romantic approach is to lease pedal boats. It allows you to enjoy the boat ride for an unforgettable experience shared with your loved ones.

Relax and Enjoy Intimate Moments at Vondelpark

Must-See Places For Couples In Amsterdam

Vondelpark is the most stunning park in Amsterdam and is among the city’s most famous landmarks. That is comparable to New York’s Central Park and one of the most romantic spots in Amsterdam. About 10,000 people visit here to have a good time with friends and family every year. A picnic or walking with your loved one is among the romantic activities you can do in Amsterdam in this park. Enjoy a stroll through an ample green space with beautiful lawns, ponds, and flowering lawns. Couples, tourists, and families gather here to enjoy the park’s numerous playgrounds or gathering areas. Relax by the grass or lounge in the pond, and spend time together. If you visit in the summer, you can enjoy never-ending celebration energy at the Openluchttheater, an open-air theater between the parks. Before leaving, drink an espresso in the Blauwe Theehuis. Use the park’s side exit to view one of the wealthiest regions of Amsterdam and marvel at the stunning homes.

Stroll Along Jordaan

Jordan is one of the prettiest and most well-known neighborhoods in Amsterdam and among the most romantic locations in Amsterdam. You can park your bike to stroll around and explore these narrow roads and beautiful structures with antique shops, art galleries with courtyard gardens, bars, and restaurants. Other attractions in Jordaan include the Woonboots Museum, an open-air museum dedicated to houseboats.

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