7 Things To Carry For Your Picnic

Are you planning for a picnic with your family or friends? Don’t get too swayed in your excitement and forget to pack some essentials. From sunscreen, black flatware sets to first aid supplies, there are some items that you can’t leave behind when going out for a picnic. We have listed some picnic essentials to carry with you.


Though a picnic is a great opportunity to go out and bask in the sun, it may not be too good for your skin. Prolonged exposure to the sun may cause sunburns. You may lunch under the shade of a tree or umbrella to reduce the impact of UV rays. However, hiding your skin in the shade will not completely eliminate the risk of skin damage due to harmful UV rays. You will still be prone to skin-related problems like sunburns, photo-aging, coarse wrinkles, pigmentation, etc. But you can protect your skin with sunscreen. Do remember to pack your sunscreen before stepping out for a picnic.


Relaxing by sitting or lying down on the ground is possible only when you bring a blanket with you to the picnic spot. If you have planned your picnic in a location where tables and chairs are already available for you to sit, then there is no need to carry your blanket. However, if you wish to make your picnic more comfortable and enjoyable, don’t forget to bring this essential. You can spread your blanket on the ground and sit or lie down comfortably. You can also have your lunch on the blanket.

Flatware Set

How will you enjoy your brunch or food without proper cutlery on a picnic? You need a knife to cut apples and spread butter or jam on bread. You need spoons and forks to serve and eat your meal. Also, you need straws to enjoy your beverages or smoothie. Thus, don’t forget to pack black flatware sets, including spoons, fork, knife, and straws. Moreover, avoid using plastic spoons or straws as kids are likely to throw them anywhere on the picnic spot after their use. We will recommend buying eco-friendly green flatware made of food-grade stainless steel.


Along with food, carry beverages to make it more fun. Though having a large pitcher of tea may tempt you, bottled beverages are better and more convenient options. Not only are small bottles of drinks easy to carry and distribute, but they also eliminate the need for individual glasses or cups. Enjoy a chilled beverage on a hot summer day while on a picnic. Besides, also carry a bottle opener or corkscrew for bottles with pry-off lids. You can’t open the lids of beverage bottles with your bare hands.

First Aid Supplies

As they say and you already know, it is always better to be safe than sorry! Whether you are heading to a park or on a hike in the woods for your picnic, do pack basic first aid supplies. Even after taking precautions, there are chances that someone may get hurt. Someone may fall down, have a severe headache, or catch a cold. You have to be extra diligent and wise if you have kids around. The smartest choice is to carry first aid supplies along with you that should include bandages, antiseptics, aspirin, antibiotics, etc. Always be ready for any unfortunate incident that may happen.

 Tissue Paper

Napkins, tissue paper, or kitchen towels are essentials that we often overlook while packing stuff for a picnic. You can carry and dispose of tissue papers easily. You need tissue paper or a kitchen towel to cover foods from flies or bugs, clean the spills, or wipe your dirty hands. So, do remember to carry easy-to-use paper towels in your bag when going out for a picnic. Moreover, carry a trash bag to keep disposable items like dirty tissue papers and food waste as you would not want to leave your picnic spot dirty. 


Going out on a picnic with your family and friends is a memory you would want to cherish forever. You can capture beautiful moments with a camera and keep them safe. If you want to capture high-quality photos, the camera of your smartphone is not enough. A professional instant camera will be more apt. However, if you want to stick to your phone’s camera, make sure to carry a portable charger to avoid running out of your device’s battery.


So, these are some picnic essentials that you must pack before going out for your picnic. With these items in your bag, you can enjoy your picnic peacefully without any worries. Don’t forget to carry green flatware to eat your food easily without any fuss on your picnic. Also, your picnic will be incomplete without a sweet treat. So, do pack chocolates and pastries for your picnic.

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