Perfect advices for married couples

Even though the romantic comedy genres would suggest otherwise, I do does not automatically mean a marriage of sunshine and daffodils. Your vows must be brought to life each day. It is not an easy task. You can always get expert marriage advice to help you keep your love story alive for the long-term.

Rachel Facio is a licensed marriage- and family therapist. We asked her how she navigates love stories that aren’t written in a script. Rachel Facio, a licensed marriage and family therapist, shares her top tips on how to continue growing as a couple.

This timeless advice will be a great help, no matter if you are thinking of getting married or celebrating another sweet anniversary. Love story hindi can help you for getting good advice.

Self-care is not a trending Instagram fad. It’s an essential element of any healthy relationship. Facio explained that self-care is not just a trendy trend on Instagram. It’s essential for a healthy marriage.

1. You should make time for each other a priority.

 Plan for regular date nights. Your marriage is your “currency of relations” so invest time in it. There are no shortcuts. You must put in the work to create a strong marriage.

2. Arguing Can Be Healthy (When Done Rightly)

Most of us have heard arguments be good for a relationship. But, how can we ensure that they continue to be productive? Facio agrees, “Healthy disagreements can be part of a growing marriage as long as it is fair.” We are lucky to have her explain exactly how. Constructively arguing means sticking to the ‘I’ statements (i.e. You should start a conversation with “I feel this” instead of “you did this”, acknowledge and reflect what your partner said before you share any views/opinions.

3. Be a pet owner before you have children

Facio says, “If your curiosity is about your parenting styles, gender expectations and projections from childhood… you should adopt a pet.” You can also be open and honest with your man about how it was like to raise your fur baby. It will help you get a better understanding of the future and allow for a more productive dialogue about things to think about when raising a family.

4.Your Family Is Their Family

Marriage is a commitment to your spouse and their family. Facio is familiar with the issues that arise when trying to navigate these dynamics. Facio explained, “[This] doesn?t mean you [can?t] have limited hanging time with them or set strong boundaries. But remember–they are still your family, they made you your partner, and they won?t go anywhere.”

5. Be aware of your financial feelings

Everyone has money problems, money baggage and weird/shamey/strong feeling around money. Talk. About It With Your Partner.Gulp just , “Sit down and discuss how much you make each month, and

where it all ends each month.” Gulp.  What are your feelings about big purchases and vacations? Talk about it a lot-and early on in the relationship/marriage.”

6. Don?t  forget  to wear your special memories.

Wear your wedding ring every day to remind yourself that you are connected to your spouseThe best marriages are built upon a foundation of shared faith.

7. What matters is the quality, not quantity of your life

For those who have ever googled the amount of they should have in their relationships, it is time to get rid of all math equations. Facio states that the days of thinking that if your partner has X many times a week, it is solid and your marriage is on the rocks are long gone.? If you’re able to cuddle, flirt, play and share with your partner, then you’re better off than half of all the couples

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