8 Most Important Occasions When Gifts Become Priority

Giving something to the people whom you love is bliss. There are plenty of opportunities all through the year when you give and receive gifts. Sometimes you decide to make those gifts by hand and on some other occasions you buy them. Whatever your plan may be, deciding the right occasion to give gifts is very important.

List of Occasions When Gifts are First Priority

Here are a few occasions when gifts are the first priority. Whether you are ordering online Rakhi gift hampers for Raksha Bandhan or want chocolates, flowers and candies for the forthcoming Christmas, take care to give gifts on these occasions.


One of the most important occasions to give gifts are birthdays. This is the occasion in which gifts cannot be avoided. Whether it is a birthday of your dear ones, your parents, your beloved or your sweetheart, giving gifts on the occasion of birthdays is always desirable. It is a long-standing tradition and has become customary in modern society. Giving gifts shows people that they are loved and cared for and birthdays are a very occasion to do so.


Couples celebrate their anniversaries with much enthusiasm. This is another occasion where giving gifts is important. You can order flowers, gifts, chocolates and so many other things for your better half or for your girlfriend/boyfriend that has been there with you for many years. People invited to the anniversary parties also bring gifts.


In fact weddings are the most important occasions in which people receive gifts. Some people choose to give cash and there are others who choose to give home utility items, furniture and furnishing goods etc. Weddings are one occasion in which gifts cannot be avoided. Giving gifts has always been a very important occasion which is looked forward to by the newly married couples. It is an opportunity to show love towards family and friends.

Valentine?s Day

Both men and women buy gifts for each other on this special occasion. 14th of February or Valentine?s Day is thought to be an exclusive day for the lovers. It is a tradition to exchange gifts on this occasion. Most commonly on these occasions roses, chocolates, candies and teddies are exchanged. The day begins with the rose day following which there is exchange of gifts all through the week. People in love exchange gifts on this occasion.


When gifts are talked about, Christmas is one important occasion that cannot be spared. In fact, Christmas is all about gifts, Santa, Christmas trees, decoration and more. On the eve of Christmas, it is believed that Santa brings gifts to everyone because he considers everybody on the earth as his child. People disguise themselves and become the secret ?Santa? of the person whom they want to give something to.

Baby Shower Parties

Baby shower is an important occasion where the gifts become all the more necessary. This is so because the party is thrown for showing emotional support to the mother. Invited friends and family members bring gifts for the mother which consist of gift items that are necessary to take care of babies. It is normally done when the baby turns 7th months old.

Giving gifts on this occasion is considered to be a nice gesture.

Mother?s Day

Mother is the most important person in anyone?s life and hence there is a tradition of giving cards and gifts on Mother’s day. This is done primarily to show that she is valued and appreciated. Some people prefer to do things that their mothers do on other days like cooking and cleaning etc. to make her feel special. However, giving her something she loves is a good way to show that you care.


There are hundreds of other occasions also where giving gifts is important. ?Raksha Bandhan? is one such occasion when people buy and send online Rakhi gift hampers. This occasion is important because it strengthens the bond between brother and sister.

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