How Can You Find Penetration Testing Provider Without Making Any Mistake?

You have just created a new startup and you have invested in the cyber security system but is it really worth it? How is it working? How well it is working and how confident you are about this? Can you answer this question? Does the answer depend on when was the last time you tested your defense system via Penetration Test? A normal data breach can cost a company more than 38000$ to recover from and this is quite a lot combined with the reputation loss which is too hard to recover. You should contact a reputed Penetration Testing Provider to secure your company, data, and employees. You cannot understand everything and this is why hiring professional Penetration Testing Services to secure your system and this article will help you to find out how to find one.

Call Certified and Experienced Personnel

For better experience and learn about your system effectively, it is better to call only the certified Penetration Testing Provider with appropriate testing credentials, such as the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), or Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) and Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT). Also, make sure the pen testing team has already work experience with multiple industries so it would be easier for them to understand your requirements. They should have the experience that is required for effective penetration testing so they will know what they are doing how they should be doing.

Know About Manual and Automated Testing

Though automated tools make things much convenient they aren?t good enough to detect all the flaws and vulnerabilities. Manual tests are must after completing tests with an automated tool to find out any false negative or positive by the automated pen testing methods. Both of the tests should be conducted for better results. A number of Penetration Testing Services use the automated Vulnerability Scanning tool, and then they pass them as the result of penetration testing. Penetration testing should involve different testing tools and techniques to provide accurate results.

Document the Whole Process

It is compulsory to follow a good document penetration testing process before and after the pen testing engagement. When a procedure will be documented, it will indicate completeness, test repeatability, and accuracy. This is also known as the pen testing methodology. Usually, the methodology is often very high-level and it should include all the steps.

A Clear and Frequent Communication

To learn about the implemented Penetration Test, it is compulsory to have clear communication with the pen testing team regard what is being tested, is there any critical finding that was discovered, the problems and what strategy should be followed, etc. Frequent communication and medium should be followed with the terms that both parties are agreed upon. You cannot expect accurate results without having clear communication with the Penetration Testing Provider.


When you get in touch with the right Penetration Testing Services then you are more likely to get the best results and information about your defense system but the key factor is the right Pen testing company.