5 Must-Haves You Need To Care For Your Cat


Cats are interesting pets that can make you furious and melt your heart in the same minute. Despite their many misdemeanors, we love to cherish our cats and spoil them with love and affection, even when unwanted. There are plenty of gifts and treats to make your pet happy, but for new cat owners, their needs may not be as obvious.

Basic Supplies and Needs

The basic supplies include adequate food, water, bowls, toys, a litter box, a soft bed, and litter. Your goal is to have a content and well-cared-for cat, so you should also purchase some scratchers, a cat tree, and treats. Visiting any pet store can help you find toys and extra things that will make your cat have the time of its life! With a new cat, it may take some time to figure out its likes and dislikes, so don’t be alarmed when it turns its nose up at certain toys or treats.

A Collar and Tag or Microchip

In the event that your cat gets lost, it needs some form of ID to help reunite it back to you. Most people choose the general collar and ID tag route, and others opt for a microchip. Which one suits your needs will depend on several factors; a collar can get your cat stuck, but if it is found before that, the information is easy to access and contact you. It can be inconvenient to check microchip information and not everyone has a way to access the information, but this will prevent any branches or items from pulling on your cat’s collar. It’s a tough decision to make, but you must keep your cat safe with some form of identification.

Emergency Plan and Pet Insurance

You never know when an emergency will arise, so it’s crucial to have a plan so you can be prepared. Sometimes cat owners will keep a decent savings account, or hope to be approved for a loan, but these aren’t always reliable plans to choose. The best option cat owners will agree on is to find some kind of cat insurance to help prevent possible medical issues and keep your cat safe.

First Aid, Grooming, and Cleaning Supplies

Extra supplies that will enrich your cat’s life would be first aid, grooming, and cleaning items. Cats can get a little messy, so it’s important to keep them groomed and clean up their messes; the litterbox especially may become a hassle, so be sure to get one that eliminates the smell as much as possible. Cats can groom themselves, but for any unforeseen accidents, vet visits, or a kitten that’s still learning, you should have grooming supplies on hand anyway. The most important out of all these 3, however, would have to be first aid supplies, which include basic health-related items to keep your cat in tip-top shape.

Love and Responsibility

Although this may be obvious to current cat owners, if you’ve never taken care of a feline friend before, you may believe the rumours that cats are mean, unloving, or even that they can take care of themselves. While it’s true that they are independent and can be unaffectionate at times, it’s crucial to remember that a cat still needs your love, responsibility, and time to dedicate to its needs. Cats may not be as laid-back or as friendly as dogs, but they still rely on their owners for food, safety, and unconditional love just the same.

Cats provide a heartwarming and rewarding life to their owner, and they’re worth every penny spent; exceeding past their basic needs will provide a happy and loving experience.


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