8 Tips to Follow When Going on Outdoor Adventures With Your Dog

    outdoor adventures with dog

    For a lot of dog owners, outdoor excursions are not as fun without their beloved canine. Dogs simply make wonderful companions; they’re curious, protective, and enthusiastic. Too enthusiastic, even, sometimes. But overall, they bring so much joy to excursions.

    However, taking the dogs out for an adventure requires adequate preparation, especially if the activity will take you away from home for several hours, or if you will be heading somewhere unfamiliar. Dogs can get severely fatigued, too, and extreme weather is just as bad for them as it is for humans.

    So, to help you prepare adequately for exciting outings with your pup, listed here are eight tips that you will surely find useful.

    1. Make sure to pack your dog’s own water supply.

    It’s always better for your pet to have his water supply and make sure that there’s more than enough for it. When temperatures rise during the day, your pup can get quite heated, and not only will he need more water to drink, but his paws could use some water to be cooled down as well, especially after walking on hot pavement.

    When you see your dog licking his paws, this may be an indication that his paw pads are hurting from the intensifying heat. Bringing enough water for your pet will allow you to take care of this issue easily.

    2. Always bring snacks.

    Your dog’s snacks will not only keep him adequately nourished and energised during the excursion, but you can also use them as a tool to help regulate his outdoor behaviour.

    There are so many convenient and ready-packed snacks for the pup, and for your outdoor adventure, go for the highly nutritious options. It’s best if you also take into consideration formulations specifically for the size, breed, and age of your dog.

    The easiest way to shop for these treats is through a trusted online dog food supplier in Dubai, which has a vast range of nutrition-packed dog food and delivers orders straight to customers’ homes.

    3. Spray your dog with insect repellent.

    A trip outdoors will expose your pup to various pests that can make a meal out of him. You can keep canine flea, ticks, mosquitoes, and other pesky bugs from your dog by spraying your dog with a vet-approved bug spray.

    Typically, such insect repellent only uses essential aromatic oils that naturally repel a variety of bugs. Spray your dog with this, especially if you will be going near the water and thickly vegetated areas where there are often a lot of bugs. Oil-based insect repellents are the best to use if you will allow the pup to get into the water.

    4. Invest in a light-up dog collar.

    This dog accessory is a must if you prefer to have your outdoor excursions just when the sun is going down. A light-up dog collar will make your pet easily visible and recognisable when it runs off in the dark.

    And, if you can find a version of this collar with a tracker, so much better. This way, you can track where he’s going through your phone or a partnering device and call him back before he ventures out too far.

    5. Gear up your dog with a life jacket if you’re going on a boat.

    This tip is a little controversial because most people believe that dogs are naturally good swimmers, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when your outdoor excursion includes boating or canoeing in a pond, lake, or creek. It’s better to put a life jacket or some other floatation device on your pup, whether he’s a good swimmer or not.

    It’s often a challenge to keep a dog out of the cool water, especially on a scorching hot day. For a lot of pups, it’s instinctive to just jump into the water when they’re feeling hot. It?s worth mentioning, too, that some dogs can get overly excited on a boat and fall into the water, or they can cause an unsteady canoe to capsize.

    While most dogs have the instinct to paddle their legs, some can’t keep at the movement for a long time, get tired, and sink. According to vets, dogs that are likely to sink easily are those with short legs and weigh less than 15 pounds. Therefore, the truly smart thing to do is to provide your dog with a life jacket if you’re going boating.

    6. Find out about leash laws.

    There are parks and hiking destinations that have strict leash rules. Learn about them if you will be taking your dog to these places. Quite often, many of these venues also have designated off-leash areas where you can let your pup run free, so it will be for your and your dog’s safety to know exactly where you should keep your dog on a leash and where to let it free.

    Failing to observe these rules may not just cost you a hefty fine but also the highly obvious disapproval of other pet owners.

    7. Bring a first aid kit.

    Dogs can easily get into little accidents, and it’s best to be prepared for these situations. Always bring with you a small first aid kit that will allow you to treat gashes, burns, and even sprains.

    There are pet stores that offer these handy first aid kits for pets, which have everything from gauzes, medicated plasters, a splint, disinfecting solutions, a small bag of treats, and even pet medicine.

    8. Clothe your dog.

    This may seem like a hassle for pups, but it may be necessary for specific situations. Say, it’s really cold, your dog can benefit from the extra warmth a woven vest can provide.

    Or, on a summer day and pavements are hot enough to fry an egg, your dog should definitely wear shoes or booties. Pet experts also add that you can also keep your pup fresh while hiking on a hot day by making it wear a drenched shirt.

    With these tips, you can adequately prepare and ensure that outdoor adventures with your beloved four-legged one are fun and safe.

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