Everything you need to know about renting in Manhattan

    renting in manhattan

    Renting in Manhattan is not like renting in any other city in the world, that is why our advice will be your right-hand helper when renting in the Big Apple.

    So many of us look forward to living in the Empire State. Manhattan is a unique beast when it comes to real estate and living options. Real estate prices are through the roof. Thus, it is only natural that New York City is a town of renters. Not many can afford to own their own property. Since the demand for properties is extremely high, the real estate game in NY is ruthless. Therefore, you need to step up your game when looking for a place to call your own. Our tips for renting in Manhattan will help newbies as well as more experienced renters. So, let?s get started before your perfect rental gets snatched away buy another renting competitor.

    Before you start renting in Manhattan here is what you must know

    Pump the brakes on signing that lease. There are a few important facts that you need to straighten out before you put your signature on such an important document. If you fail to be careful and thorough during your renting adventure, you might find yourself stuck in a real estate renting nightmare. Then, before you dive in headfirst into renting in Manhattan, ask yourself if you have all the renting tips covered.

    Manhattan has a wide variety of rental real estate to choose from. Apartments might be the most popular kind.

    Hire a reliable agent

    When looking to rent in Manhattan, hunting for that perfect place can be a nightmare. It would be wise to have a seasoned professional in your corner. A reliable and trustworthy agent will spare you a huge amount of stress during this difficult process. Choosing a reliable agent can be more difficult than what you might anticipate. This person will need to listen to your needs and wants and based on them find the property that you need. This is why your best bet would be to find an agent through direct recommendation. Ask friends and family whether they have had a pleasant experience with a real estate agent. It is very likely that you will gather some great and useful intel.

    Which Manhattan neighborhood would you prefer?

    Manhattan is made up of many different neighborhoods. They all differ greatly from one another in many ways. From rental prices and transportation options to many more factors. Needless to say, your choice will affect not only your pockets but also your social life. That is why you need to think twice before making the final decision. For instance, Soho is a totally different neighborhood from the Upper East Side. Yet, they are both very popular localities in Manhattan. Find your favorite and visit it on different days during the week and at different times. This way you will be sure that you are getting what you bargained for.

    If you choose to rent on the Upper East Side, you will be able to frequently visit Central Park.

    Have your priorities in check

    Renting in Manhattan will be a great challenge because it is extremely difficult to find a property that covers all your needs. Even if you manage to find it, it is very likely that it might be out of your price range. That is why it is wise to have a list of priorities. Some priorities should be a must. For example, home safety is always a priority that cannot be dropped during the home hunting process. While you have some priorities that you can afford to drop from your list. During the process of renting in Manhattan, it is extremely important to be realistic. Otherwise, your sanity might be at stake.

    Professional moving companies are everywhere

    Renting in Manhattan is hard enough, without planning a grueling relocation. That is why you should spare yourself the headache and hire professional movers to take care of the moving process for you. Professional movers can cover your entire move. They will know which permits are needed on your moving day. If in need of boxes for your upcoming relocation, they can supply them. The list of things that they can do for you goes on and on. All you need to do is make the arrangement on time. All good and reliable companies get snagged away quickly. Don?t wait until that last-minute call to book your movers. There are many options but not all of them are good.

    Be certain that your budget is on point

    Out of all the tips, this one might be the trickiest to follow. In general, rentals in New York are much pricier than the national average. But, many New Yorkers and people that live in Manhattan would say that emptying your pockets in this instance is well worth it. Before signing your lease and making that final commitment, make sure that you can truly afford to live in that property.

    In other words, your monthly rent should not jeopardize your other living expenses. Manhattan is very charming, and you can easily get sucked into a deal that is inviting. But, know that inviting in Manhattan very often translates into extremely expensive. In the end, keep both eyes open and be certain before opening your wallet.

    Carefully calculate your renting budget. Renting in Manhattan can easily get out of hand since rental prices are extremely high.


    Do you think that our tips are a lot to handle? The good news is they will help you make a better choice during this venture. The bad news is that we barely scratched the surface. While renting in Manhattan, you also need to pay attention to your credit score, roommate choice, cover your broker’s fee, and many more important details. It might seem like overkill but following our advice can spare you a lot of stress and headaches down the line. In the end, once you have located your perfect Manhattan property, it will all be well worth the hassle.

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