Questions You Might Have about Online Shopping amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

What are the advantages of online shopping

After the coronavirus outbreak has taken over the world, our daily routines have drastically changed, and remote working, social distancing, as well as lockdowns in many areas, have become an unavoidable part of our lives. This need to stay at home has also forced us to change our habits, such as shifting all of our shopping to the web. From groceries and necessities to clothing and other items, we are now doing more shopping online than ever. 

However, if you�re still having some doubts about online shopping during the pandemic, here are some answers to common questions you might have about this process:

Can the coronavirus survive on your packages?

Considering the fact that the coronavirus is largely spread directly through coughs and sneezes, the chances of such droplets landing on your packages and then surviving the transport conditions are very low, according to the CDC. While the virus has been knowns to survive on cardboard for 24 hours, or even longer on plastic or steel surfaces, there have been no reports, as of yet, of any transmissions via merchandise shipments.

For these reasons, you shouldn�t fear online purchases, even during the pandemic, as the probability of contracting the virus through your packages are evidently negligible. However, if you are still having doubts about the safety of online shopping, you could always take some additional precautions.

Should you disinfect the mail you receive?

As already mentioned above, it�s not medically necessary to be particularly cautious when it comes to handling your received packages. However, in case it�s your personal choice to take some additional safety measures, mostly for your own peace and tranquility, feel free to take any precautions you deem fit.

Firstly, let go of any old habits you might have, such as holding an envelope in your mouth while rummaging through your handbag. Then, you could make an effort to open your mail while wearing disposable gloves, disinfect any surfaces of the package before touching them, wash any clothing items before trying them on, and throw away any packaging immediately. Although not essential, such caution can only be a plus, especially if you�re living with particularly vulnerable individuals.

What are the advantages of online shopping?

Evidently, shopping online is currently the smartest, as well as the safest option. Apart from the safety of our packages, online purchases are also more secure from the pandemic standpoint, as they allow us to avoid visiting crowded physical stores, or even leave our home at all, giving us the opportunity to stay healthy. Online shopping allows us to pay for our orders online as well, avoiding the potential dangers of handling cash during the pandemic.

What�s more, shopping online could also be a good way of supporting smaller businesses. For instance, rather than turning to larger international retailers, opt for local options such as the reliable Shoppster website, where you could find anything you might need, from clothing items to home appliances.

How are brands dealing with the pandemic?

Most brands around the world have made an active effort to protect both their employees and their customers during the pandemic, mostly by enforcing social distancing measures, improving their cleaning practices, introducing more shifts and different working hours, as well as providing face masks and hand sanitizers. Although protection has become essential, the rules still vary from company to company; check the specific brand website to find more information about their efforts.

However, the biggest change comes in the form of shopping itself, as the entire world has seen a significant increase in online purchases, more than ever before. It seems like online shopping has become the new normal, not only for big corporations such as Amazon, but also as a brilliant way to support smaller, local businesses.

Are you putting delivery workers at risk?

Another concern people might have when they�re shopping online is whether they are putting the delivery workers at risk, and vice versa. While it�s true that most delivery personnel might work more during the pandemic due to the increase in packages, most carriers have stated that they only allow healthy workers to perform deliveries. What�s more, they�ve also put an emphasis on safety measures, such as insisting on online payments, as well as focusing on �curbside pickup� or �no contact� deliveries.

If you�re worried about transmission during deliveries, you could always take additional measures, such as wearing a face mask or sanitizing your hands when the package is being delivered to you.

As it has evidently proven to be the safest and most efficient option during the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping has drastically increased in popularity, and it seems like it will truly become the new normal.


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