Merits And Demerits Of Painless Delivery With Epidural

Pregnancy is the most amazing period for any woman. It is the beginning of the marvelous journey. The bond that the mother and unborn baby share for nine-month is wonderful. All this leads to the arrival of the bundle of happiness. But even though it is an amazing experience, there is mental pressure on the mother for the delivery because giving birth is not at all an easy process. 

The mother has to pass through the painful delivery process. All this creates fear in women because of which nowadays mothers don�t prefer normal delivery. But earlier only C-section was the other way for delivery rather than normal delivery. But as time passes, the evolutionary advancements in medicine have a great impact that now there is the option of reducing the level of delivery pain to a bearable level. 

Epidural Analgesia for painless delivery is nothing new but a choice for normal delivery. If anyone is searching for the best gynecologist in Sonipat then there is nothing to worry about as there is a famous hospital in Sonipat where you can get this service.

More About Painless Delivery

It can be achieved by anesthesia which helps in providing natural relief during the labour pain. Epidural anesthesia is administered by injection on the lower back area of the women. It takes ten to fifteen minutes to see the effect. It became a perfect option for mothers who can bear lower pain and even they can opt for a C-section that is also suitable for them. To get all the information mothers can visit the famous hospital in Sonipat for painless delivery.

How to administer epidural anesthesia?

It may be needed to sit still and arch the back while the epidural is given. After this doctor will catheterize the lower back area by injecting the thin tube in the lower side of the spinal cord. Then the needle is to be removed and a tape is placed on the catheter because then the epidural can be easily administered during the labour. As the epidural is administered once a woman is in active labour, then it functions by numbing the pelvic region. Everything that is below it will remain conscious. Although it reduces pain but doesn’t give 100% relief. So choose it with the mindset that even using this process there will be some pain during delivery.

Merits of epidural

  • Painless delivery is a great thing for women to experience a chance for natural childbirth and it leads to little intervention. This brings down C-section numbers in India.
  • By reducing pain, it helps the women to give attention to delivery. As it is a way of preventing irritation and exhaustion experience and gives relaxation to the mother during childbirth and even reduces the risk of having postpartum complications.
  • Epidural is an option given to women during labour when they feel that they are unable to bear the labour pain or tired from pushing and even during emergencies which may urgently need C-section.
  • It even lowers the mother’s blood pressure that otherwise increases up to high levels during the labour pain.
  • It also supports the child�s descending easily. It relaxes the vaginal and pelvic muscles.

Demerits or risk of using epidural

  • Although the epidural is fully safe for the child and the mother, it may often leave the side effects like breathing problems, fever, nausea, back pain, shivering, dizziness, and much more.
  • Sometimes even the labour pain takes a longer time as the epidural is administered.
  • The new mother experiences severe headaches such as migraines because of epidural leakage in the spine. Sometimes the headache is unbearable.
  • Even some women face problems in passing urine after the delivery takes place. During that situation, the catheter is used.
  • It leads to numbness of an entire lower part and it can be before the mother can walk.
  • In rare cases, if the women�s blood pressure comes down, then it may even affect the heart rate of the baby. If there is an extreme problem, then the emergency C section is performed.


There are even other ways for painless deliveries which mothers can choose for including the utilisation of Entonox-a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide through the water birth and breathing mask. Epidural has benefited many women and they have enjoyed painless delivery and gave healthy natural birth. One thing to be noted is that choose this process after consulting with the gynecologist and discuss all the benefits and risks of using this process. There are the best gynecologists in Sonipat and mothers can take their advice for using epidural because proper advice is very essential for the pregnant woman. Never choose anything without having proper knowledge of it.

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