The Desert Eagle, Counter Strike: Global Offensive?s most lethal, brutal and satisfying weapon.

    Everyone has heard of the Desert Eagle. At least, every FPS player so to speak. Whether you are still a classic MM or Face-it player, or you frequent purchasing CSGO smurf accounts online as you switch in between ranks, the Deagle (portmanteau for Desert Eagle) is a revered handgun in every corner.

    Available for purchase at only 650$ every round, this 1.8kg metallic death-delivering tool packs a .50 cal Action Express round in its roaring chambers. Designed at Magnum Research Inc. Of the United States, and receiving further design improvements under the hands of Israeli Military Industries, the Deagle has made its stand firm in the tier of the best weapons ever created.


    The standout of this gun is its slow fire rate, but each bullet packs enough damage to ensure a shot at the head at any given range to be a confirmed kill, and if not, then a second one heading anywhere on target would assure a kill. The enormous force packing in each bullet causes it to shred armour like card-board, and the same fate is applicable for walls and objects that come between the path of each miniature missile.

    As a player you might have seen people buying <a href=””>csgo accounts</a> and coming to your lobby, just to one-tap you with a Desert Eagle at the first 10 seconds of each round, where they are enjoying the thrill of their impeccable aim only complemented by this terrifying weapon. In game it has a kill reward of 300$, but has a small magazine size and extreme recoil. To be able to use it at its full potential, one may require to hone their skills with the deagle over their years, whether it be buying csgo smurf accounts and going to lower ranks to do so. Gaining this practice leads one to unlock the full potential of a deagle, which often will eclipse the results normal ARs like AK-47 and the M4A1 brings.

    And everyone who has played CSGO or has bought CSGO account, know the pleasure of hitting a crisp headshot over long ranged distances at the very first peek, making the feeling rewarding, almost addicting, inclining the player to try and bag another similar kill with the same flare. There are numerous clips online of people making the most impossible of plays with the desert eagle that wouldn?t have been possible otherwise.

    From Happy?s legendary Deagle hold against TSM at Inferno, or S1imple?s maniac like control over this devilish pistol. There is not a single person, who has garnered an average impression of this weapon. They either hate it, or they love it. And as long as people keep on buying CSGO accounts, continue playing, this dominating existence of the daunting Desert eagle will never fade away, and only is waiting to show us some more legendary gameplays.


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