Should You Buy a Motorcycle? The Pros and Cons

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    Throughout history, motorcycles have always had a particular mystery about them. The small body, wheels, fast engine, and general aesthetic of seating on one have never failed to fascinate. Scenes from iconic films with the character rolling in or riding out into the sunset on a motorcycle have left many people daydreaming.

    In reality, though, owning a motorcycle seems to be more of a full-time responsibility than most people take the time to realize. People who decide to buy their first motorcycle will openly admit that they made many mistakes fueled by a lack of knowledge about what they were getting into. It is easy to get emotional about how good somebody else looks riding their bike, but it can get overwhelming very fast when it’s your turn.

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    However, this is not to say motorcycles are no fun, far from it. In fact, motorcycles are somewhat relaxing; if you are into the whole free your mind and feel the wind blowing down the road. However, what cannot be overlooked is the fact that owning a motorcycle requires serious commitment before any fun begins. To give a rough idea of the rider’s motorcycle demands, let’s begin with some of the risks involved straight away before we get to the fun side.


    Not to be a buzzkill, but these are just the harsh realities that come with the joy of rolling around in your beloved two-wheeler.


    Because the motorcycle generally comes with only two wheels and a low-profile body, it’s not hard to guess what that means for the riders. For one, you don’t get to enjoy all the real estate that even the smallest car provides. Now, this can be remedied by a few side bags and a carry box, but you can only carry essentials that fit. This situation affects how much luggage the carrier can bring with them quite drastically.

    Bad Weather

    Motorcycles not having as many beefy features as cars expose the rider to the elements a lot more than the average driver. It gets worse in bad weather; poor visibility, slippery roads, heavy downpour, and many other natural events will affect motorcycles worse than cars.


    It’s no secret motorcycles are exposed to a lot more risk than cars when involved in a crash. This fact alone makes insurance firms quite skeptical about offering covers to riders. To remedy this problem, policy packages for riders tend to be on the pricy side just for the motorcycle and for the rider. Besides, having access to the best new york motorcycle accident lawyer will help you get compensation from your insurer.


    On the other hand, despite the cons mentioned above and many others, people still spend their money on new or used bikes to get a taste of freedom on a two-wheeler.


    After buying a motorcycle, if you are transitioning from driving a car or vice versa, the most apparent perk will be fuel consumption. It would not be exaggerated to suggest that one week’s worth of car fuel will keep a motorcycle on the road for longer mileage. And the list gets better when you factor in maintenance and repair costs, especially if you are into DIY projects.


    Now, this point is debatable depending on who you ask about motorcycles and how much they know about motorcycles. But for many riders, the whole process of cruising on the two-wheeler is equivalent to meditation or some full-body release. The need to be alert on the road can sharpen a rider’s sense of awareness about themselves, the bike, and all the other motorists around them. Some riders claim that the feeling they get when they finally get back on the motorcycle after a day’s work and get to ride away gives the best feeling of reward.

    Easy Commute

    If the bike is used for the daily commute, it presents less of a hassle than driving a car every day. For starters, the idea of being stuck in crazy traffic is unheard of if you are two wheels. The small size also allows for easy parking and does not limit the routes a rider can take to avoid dealing with aggressive drivers also trying to beat the clock while commuting.

    In many ways, a motorcycle is just as good as it can be harmful; all it takes to make the difference is the rider. A good rider will live to enjoy their motorcycle as it should be, while a bad rider generally doesn’t respect their motorcycles enough to earn other people’s respect.


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