Points to Remember before Starting a Dog Daycare Business

Dog Daycare Business

Are you someone who has always loved dogs and wanted to open a dog daycare for the dogs? Are you someone keen on building a successful dog daycare service for yourself? You are at the right place then. You live in an age where dog owners are at a majority. This in fact makes the daycare for dogs business a profit bearing idea for you.

According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, the average annual growth in the pet service industry has increased by over 5.4%. This has especially happened since 2002.

So as you may see it is a lucrative business proposition for you. However, it would not be wrong to say it is complicated and tough as well.

It goes without saying that when an entrepreneur sets on building a new business, it requires huge investment, labour, resources, etc.

All these determines the overall success and failure of that business irrespective of its services.

Especially when an entrepreneur plans on having a dog daycare or daycare for dogs business to serve the dogs, it has a lot of risks. Also it has a series of pros and cons.

Risks Associated with Dog Daycare Business

There are many risks and cons associated with a dog daycare business. Some of these are listed below,

  • The time and space requirement often creates problems for the dog daycare service provider. For example, it may so happen that the dog daycare service provider may have thedaycare located in their personal space. This in fact will make it difficult to get their own personal space. Also, it would make it difficult for the dog owners to pick the dogs up on time. This would lead to the overall extension of the hours for the dog daycare service providers.
  • The daycare for dogs service providers are not acquainted fully with the attitude of dogs and its owners. Situations may arise when both may have a bad attitude making it hard for the service provider to render proper services to the dog.
  • Starting a business requires huge investments, space and adherence to legal guidelines especially when you are starting a dog daycare business. So, if it so happens that the space that the entrepreneur requires for the dog daycare is small to accommodate many dogs if in case the dog owner has many dogs or the daycare for dogs service provider falls short of the capital and does not abide by the legal guidelines, the dog daycare business would be doomed to failure right from day 1 itself.

However with these risks, the dog daycare service also has perks attached to it. Some of these perks are.

Perks of a Daycare for Dogs Service for Dogs and its Owners

  1. Helps the dog maintain their daily routine of walks and relaxations?
  2. Provides the dog owner with a peace of mind when they are at work. This is due to them knowing that their dog has someone to care for them when they are away
  3. It ensures the safety of the dogs especially if the dog is someone who often escapes
  4. Ensures medical assurance to the dogs with the presence of fully vetted professionals. This ensures full medical assistance to the dogs in case they require any

So before setting out on having your very own dog daycare business, it is essential to remember a few points. This will ensure your pawed friends get served and treated well.

Points to Consider while Starting Daycare for Dogs Business

  1. Analyze the size of the dog daycare centre. In other words, analyze whether you wish to have multiple dogs or just few dogs
  2. Get a clear understanding of the finances that you would require to start you daycare for dogs. In other words, analyze whether you require investors for the same or a bank loan. This will successfully on-board your dreams of a successful daycare for dogs.
  3. Keep track of cost related to utilities, supplies, advertising, etc that you would require after you begin dog daycare service.
  4. Analyze what your competitors offer in their dog daycare service so that you can offer unique services to the dogs
  5. Keep the legalities strictly in mind. Also understand the licenses that you would require to run a legal dog daycare service
  6. Maintain a contract to keep yourself protected in case of any mishap. This should include authorization to you to offer emergency service to the dog in case of medical assistance. This should also cover full responsibility to dog owner in case of damage caused by dog, medical history of dog, etc
  7. Develop an app to digitize your daycare for dogs so that you can earn more target customers for yourself as the users start installing the app.

Make sure to keep these points and risks and pros in mind when you set out to have your dog daycare service industry. This will ensure happy dog owners and many new pawed friends along the way!


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