Innovation in the Taxi Service app industry

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Taxis are an essential form of transportation in the world today. There is no doubt about how taxis have become indispensable in our day to day lives. Studies indicate that the usage of taxis in this world has increased by 68% after the advent of Uber.

Since Uber paved the way for the on demand business, many companies came forth with their own apps. In fact, there are many existing taxi companies that got an app to advance their own businesses and others who entered the business itself by getting an app.

But is a dull space like the business of Taxis a work that can use innovation? Well, yes. The taxi space can use a bit of innovation. There are so many taxi apps and companies in the world today that for you to be a successful one, you have to make sure that you can innovate in the same space and give your users something new and unique.

The system of fares

The fare system of taxis can be a complicated space. Taxi is a regulated fare place. Taxis are given a particular way in which they can charge their customers. However, Uber and many other app-based companies have innovated in a different way to ensure that they don?t fall prey to the taxi regulation and have to follow their fares.

The end result might be the same, but instead of falling in the strict taxi space, these apps make it into a RIDESHARING concept. Not being classified as a taxi gives rideshare companies like Uber a key pricing benefit. Taxis are obligatory by law to charge at a pre-decided price. In contrast, since Uber is a rideshare service, it has absolute elasticity in terms of raising and lowering its prices based on the play of demand and supply.

As a result, Uber charges much less for taxis during off-peak times and charges premiums during high demand periods. Putting into practice the use of surcharges increases the profit margins hugely and also ensures that the scales of demand and supply are always swinging.

Higher surge prices ensure to attract more drivers who want to earn more and capitalize on the additional price. While this is happening, there comes a time where most of the drivers get concentrated in one area to drink from the sweet river of profitability. When this happens the supply automatically becomes more than the demand and therefore the prices come back to normal.

Off road taxi booking

So, the world is typically used to booking taxis with their thumbs on an open street. However, now, with the advent of mobile apps, there is a system called Off-Road taxi booking. What this means is that one doesn?t actually have to be on the road waiting for the taxi to appear before them in order to book it.

The app ensures that an individual can book a taxi from where ever they are using their smartphone. There are way too many advantages to this taxi service app model. They are:

  1. The customer knows the estimated time of arrival and can reach the pickup point as per the availability of the cabbie.
  2. The Passenger can choose to pay using cashless modes like Credit Card or Debit card or even the in-app wallet.
  3. The Driver can easily locate the passenger using the navigation facility in the uber app clone.

And many more.

There are two ways in which taxi companies get this app:

Creating one

Some companies prefer to get their app absolutely custom made. This is why they hire a development team and get them to develop the app from the ground up. This can be useful if the app that they are looking for is very different from the standard taxi apps.

If there are too many changes and differences then it makes the most sense that the app is built to suit your requirements. However, if you are choosing to go this way, then make sure that you prepare yourself for the amount of time it is going to take to build the app. such apps also take a lot of money to build because you have to continue to pay the developers for the entire duration that they are building these apps for.

Buying Uber app Clone

Since this app has become so popular, there are many taxi service apps that are available in the market. These are exact replicas of the Uber apps with certain variations and enhancements. The Uber app clone is a taxi app that is pretty much ready and configured and can be launched within 2 to 3 working days.

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