Digital Business Cards: A New Way Of Networking

virtual business card.

These days, Technology has brought changes to just about everything, including the old-traditioned business ways.

Let?s say that you are going to be attending a business meeting. You have to be carrying business cards for making a network, right? But, how about calculating how much cards are you going to need so that they are enough for you to give them to everyone? The whole case is an hectic issue.

So now that we?ve laid out the problem, what is the solution to them? Simple, A virtual business card.

What is a Digital Business Card?

The answer is in the name itself. Digital business card is a business card, just in a digital format. Considering how easy digital cards are to make and manage, a lot of people are shifting their focus towards them.

virtual business card.

When you have a digital Business card, you no longer have to worry about how many cards you should carry, or when you have to re-stock them. They are just going to be in your phone, ready to be taken anywhere with you!

Now, there are many reasons why choosing a digital business card happens to be a good idea. Some of them are laid down below:

No more Misplaced Business Cards:

According to a recent conducted study, people tend to lose about 88% of cards handed out to them within the first week that they are given. Not only is this method expensive, but this method also happens to be ineffective since your contact will not have your contact information anymore.

This happens to be a severe part of a problem that DIgital business cards deal with rather amazingly. When you have a digital business card, you have the option to send your card to someone on their smartphones. This reduces the chance of your contact information being misplaced in the mix.

With Digital Business Cards, Update Information on the Go!

One of the biggest issues that were faced with the traditional business card was the issue of re-printing. If you change your business address, your contact information, your job designation, you were going to need to have new cards published and the old ones were good for garbage, just like that.

But when you have a digital business card, you have the ability to be able to edit your digital business cards as you go. You can edit your contact information and it will get updated in everyone?s phone who has your Contact Information stored.

Style things up a bit!

When it comes to the traditional business cards, they happen to be a level up in style. Traditionally, paper business cards were only seen as a means to pass on contact information so people never did really thought about the aesthetics they had to offer until a few years ago.

But, Digital business cards are full of style from the get-go. When you make a virtual business digital card, you are going to have the ability to choose any color that you like, any picture, any video, or any transition that you want, provided that the app which you are going to be creating your digital business cards does allow you to do that.

Sync Your Cards to have them Always Available!

The part of the problem with having the paper business cards was the fact that you would need to carry them with you anywhere you go. And if you were to run out of them, you would need to go all the way back to fetch some more.

However, when you have a digital business card, this issue seems to have been dealt with. The app through which you create your digital business card syncs your created digital business cards to your iCloud or Google account (Depending if you have an iPhone or an Android phone). This gives you the ability to access your digital business cards from just about anywhere.

Contacts can  be saved Innovatively

When someone gave you a traditional business card, you would have to add all the information all in by yourself, right? And if you were to misplace a digit, or misspell their name while saving the contact, we cannot imaginer just how awkward the conversation is going to be. After all, First impressions do last.

But when you have a digital business card available, you do not have to worry about any such thing. All you have to do is scan the cards of your potential business contacts. You are going to get the information without having to do anything.

With a Digital Business Card, Check its Statistics:

When you have a traditional business account, you have no certainty whether or not the person is even going to see your card. This would render all of your effort to waste and who knows, you might as well keep waiting for them to respond.

However, when you do have a digital business card, you are able of checking how many people had or are viewing your digital business cards. This allows you to be able to prepare for a potential client from a business contact or from your potential clients, giving you an edge.

Share your Digital Buiness Cards with Convenience:

When you have a digital business card, sharing it is a lot easier. You have the ability to share your digital business cards with just about any messaging or correspondence platform available on the internet, such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger, etc. We mean, you get the idea.

This was not possible when you had a paper business card. Even if you could, you would need to take a picture that would hinder some aspects of your card and the picture might look even worse when sent through a messaging platform since a lot of them compress the quality of the picture, making it look worse than it looked.


Digital business cards happen to be a new and an innovative form of communication. If you want to make it to the big leagues, then it is important that you integrate recent innovations in your business. Digital business cards would surely make a nice addition to your business.

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