Do New Appliances Add Value To A Home In 2022?

When you are considering doing updates to your home, you should consider updating the value of your property. Whenever you are planning to move, adding new appliances can have a major impact on your house’s price on the market as well as your living conditions. 

Try to invest in renovation in something that your house truly needs, and tomorrow your potential buyers might see the effort put into renovating the home. If you, by chance, live in a vintage, retro, or any kind of old home, the updated appliances will be your best friend in giving the old fancy home a modern twist. Here are some tips for the right appliance choice.

House surveillance

Home safety is an important asset of any home. One of the best investments is a home surveillance system. The home security system can include a hardwired home security system, reinforced doors, window locks, motion detection appliances, and of course security cameras in and out of your home. 

Apart from being a security against burglars, the home surveillance can help you check on your pets, whether the kids have arrived home, if your package is there or if your door and windows are closed and locked if no one is at home.

Major kitchen appliances

The kitchen is the queen of the home when it comes to house value. Major kitchen appliances are refrigerators, dishwasher, oven, freezer, ice maker, grill, and a few more. These are also major investments, and definitely do change the efficiency and looks of the kitchen. 

If you plan to sell in the future, do consult with a real estate agent to check which investment will pay out the most when you decide to resell. It may even be a good idea to keep your appliances in their top shape. This is best done by using quality spare parts, like Bosch spare parts. Even the name of the brand behind spare parts can help you evaluate for how long your appliance will work without issues. 

Small kitchen appliances 

Small kitchen appliances are small only in name. These include deep fryers. food processors, coffee machine, rice cooker, vacuum cleaner, light fixtures, etc. These are usually not major investments, and they can help in the kitchen and home interior design. 

Updates will keep your home more desirable and it will surely be easier to sell. You can consider more upscale updates, like a luxurious coffee machine that will help you or your buyers enjoy tasty coffee while looking through and saying ‘yes’ to their new home. New appliances help hold the asking price of a home and increase the likelihood of going above the asking price, as well.

Air conditioners

There is nothing like a feeling of chilly air when you come inside on a hot summer day. The air conditioners have become an integral part of houses already many years ago. A modern air conditioner is a costly investment but you need to know that it can raise the home value to 10%. It is a significant value, and to save money when buying wait for the winter. Winter prices are lower, as well as the install costs. Since you’d be buying out of season there is also no need to wait as fewer customers are interested in this appliance. The bonus of filtered air with good quality filters is also a good investment for current as well as future house owners.

Laundry room

The other part of major appliances that you should look into if considering an upgrade are the washing machine and dryer. Even though the best value is to have a separate laundry room, these appliances are still an update in the kitchen. If you are not sure how to choose which to choose, if there is a possibility ask for advice from a local property agent, or simply decide for a medium price range. 

Whichever you choose, the appliances should be durable and appeal to the majority with their look and function. It is not only important to sell for a higher value; it is also important to sell it to a real buyer. 

Smart home system

All of the modern appliances around your home, new or updated existing, will give a completely new value for the buyers and guests equally with a smart system. When you have smart home appliances, lights, or a smart thermostat, you control when and how these will turn on and function. Therefore, you have more control over your energy usage, thus going eco-friendlier way in time. Being able to follow and adjust energy consumption habits, you can add it to the offer and expect a return of investment – while still living in it or house value during selling. 

Stainless steel appliances

It is also important to consider color of your appliances. And where the traditional white, or modern red and yellow might be too little or too much, stainless steel is your safest bet. We can say that it is even more since stainless steel is a status symbol, as most of us consider it more professional (and therefore much more expensive). 

However, stainless steel is also modern-looking, durable, and hygienic. There is HomeLight’s 2019 survey that states that buyers are about 50% more likely to put an offer on a house with stainless steel appliances than a house without them.  

Any improvement is to be carefully considered with a professional, if possible. Your home can be of a higher value but do not overestimate your neighborhood. Maybe opting for deep clean and small investments in good quality spare parts. 

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