Keeping Your Kids Busy When You’re At Home

Kids are certainly the biggest blessing there is, but no one would argue that few things are as challenging as raising them. If you can send your little one off to daycare, some of the weight is taken off your shoulders. However, when the whole family is stuck at home, keeping the eager little ones busy all day requires quite a bit of creativity. Whether you?re working from home and you need a bit of quiet to focus on your tasks or you?ve simply run out of activity ideas that can sufficiently entertain your kids in the times when staying home is still strongly advised, don?t fret. Here are a few ways to keep your kids busy at home

Take out the art supplies

Almost every child loves to draw and express themselves creatively. However, when the days start blurring into each other, simply giving them color pencils and printer paper may not cut it anymore. It?s very easy to make art interesting again for your little ones; all you need to do is come up with fun prompts that will inspire them and help them get immersed in creating their masterpiece while you get to do your own thing. For instance, why not make it big and get some butcher paper? Challenge them to fill a huge sheet with doodles of one specific thing, or on one specific theme. Or make them create an endlessly stretching comic. There are countless possibilities!

Build a fort

Bring some adventure into your living room by building a fort with your kids. This is not as time-consuming as it may sound at first. You might need to give them some help to make sure the fort will be sturdy enough, but once it?s built, kids will be eager to spend time in it like in a secret hideout. Reading, playing, eating?everything is twice as fun when done in a fort. The only thing you need to be prepared for is that your living room may look like a natural disaster site for a few days.

Challenge them with building blocks

The popularity of Lego has stood the test of time which is a testament to how much kids love it. Building blocks allow for creativity and endless possibilities. So, if you have some building blocks at hand, all you need is a few ideas and your kids will be busy for hours. You can ask them what they want to build. Maybe your little ones are intent on creating a palace for their dolls. But you can also give them suggestions. If your kids are a bit older, you can challenge them to make a replica of your neighborhood, for instance!

Add a timer to the deal

Kids love challenges. They also love to be done with something as soon as possible. So, how can you get the best out of both of these facts? Give them a time-limited challenge. Have your child draw for half an hour by challenging them to draw as many animals as they can in 30 minutes! Or mix fun with chores and get their help with laundry by challenging them to how many socks they can pair or T-shirts they can fold in ten minutes. Gamifying chores is always a good idea.

Spend some time outside

There?s nothing that gets kids more excited (and makes them more tired) than playing outside. If you have a backyard, you?re in luck. Create an obstacle course, have them decorate the pavers with chalk, or buy some sports supplies and introduce them to new games. Take a walk to the park and they?ll sleep soundly afterward. If there are no public green spaces nearby, you can even look into equipping your backyard with a sandpit or a few fun Waterplay features that are so popular during the summer.

Boost their building skills

You can boost your kid?s building skills (and occupy them for a while at the same time) even if you don?t have a lifetime supply of Legos at your disposal. You can let your kids get crafty with a few supplies like toilet paper rolls, wooden sticks, corks?even toothpicks if your kids are of a reasonable age. Give them some glue and see the birth of a real architect!

TV doesn?t have to be bad

Most parents are wary of letting their kids sit in front of the TV to no end. However, videos don?t have to be bad and when you truly need a couple of hours to yourself, putting on a wholesome piece of media that your kids will benefit from is a valid solution. You will have to do a bit of research, but there are many kids? movies today that send the right message. There is also a ton of educational content on the internet that will get them interested in scientific topics.

Try some of these ideas the next time you need to occupy your kids while you finally sort out your email. Fun is guaranteed.

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