What You Need to Know If You Are A Garden Beginner!

    garden beginner

    With the advent of technology, people lost their interest in gardening, however, these past few years it seems like many people are going back to gardening.? Gardening can be an intimidating task, especially for a new gardener because of the time and effort that you need to devote. However, proper planning and a little patience will get you far. You will surely achieve that flourishing garden that you are dreaming of.

    What Type of Garden Do You Want?

    This is the very first question that you need to ask yourself.? Do you want colourful flowers in your garden, or you probably want some herb garden because you love cooking.? Maybe you want to have a healthy vegetable garden, whatever type of garden you decide; a gardening guide will be very helpful.? Another thing to add on the list is the wheelbarrow, check out the best wheelbarrow under $100 here.

    What are the Basic Gardening Tools?

    ?         Pruning – Once you discovered the garden type that you want, it is time for you to get the basic gardening tools.  First, you will need a pair of pruning scissors. This is used to cut bushes and back plants. It is also used to keep the plants healthy by removing dead flowers, leaves, and branches.  Another type of tool that is good in cutting bigger plants is a pair of lopping pruners. This has bigger blades and long handles, thus, making you your work easier and faster.

    ?         Raking and Digging ? Before you can plant anything, you need to prepare the soil and this will require a digging tool.  You will need a spade, a garden fork, and a trowel. Trowel and spade go together in digging the holes where plants will be planted.  Garden fork is handy when you encounter big soil clumps or for getting rid of some weeds and old plants. It is better if you have two types of rakes, one with plastic prongs and one with metal ones. The plastic rake is used to clear leaves on your lawn and the metal rake is for leveling the soil and getting rid of some tones in your plant beds.

    ?         Watering ? For watering, you need to have a hose and a watering can.  It is best to use a hose if you need to water big plants. For seedlings and smaller plants, it is better to use a watering can since it is gentler.

    ?         Weeding ? Weeds are not needed in the garden, so you have to remove them once you see them growing with your precious plants.  In this job, you need to have a gardening knife and a forked trowel. This will help you remove weeds from their roots.

    What Type of Plants to Plant?

    Once you know what type of garden you want and you already have your tools ready, the next in line would be deciding what plants to grow in your garden.  However, before you buy them, please check the soil in your garden. There are certain plants that tend to be picky when it comes to the soil they are planted to.  Get a portion of soil and feel it, see if it feels sandy or feels like clay. You may also want to check your neighbor?s garden and see what he is growing in there.  You may also make a test with regards to the nutrient levels and Ph levels it has. This will help you determine what kind of plants you can grow in your garden and also based on that you can make some decision if you need to improve the type of soil you have.

    ?         How to improve the soil ? Plant will grow healthy, depending on the soil that you have.  It is not that hard to make your soil good for planting. You can always make your own compost.  The best time to start compost is usually during spring and winter. 

    ?         There is another way to upgrade the quality of your soil, though it may require some time and effort is to turn in much soil to combine it together with the compost.  To do this, Set the area first and then cover it with newspapers, make about five layers of the new paper. This will get you 2-3 inches of compost and let it sit there for four months.  What will happen is the newspaper will decompose and the nutrients from the compost will seep through the soil below. Another thing to add on the list is the wheelbarrow, check out the best wheelbarrow under $100.

    What do you need to plan, label and Organize?

    You will now be ready to start planting.  This is the last gardening tip for beginners before you will be ready to make your hands dirty.  Make sure you follow all of these for your garden to be more successful.

    ?         Plan the garden layout ? Decide where each of the plants will grow, just make sure that they are spaced properly so they can grow at its fullest.  Plants that are very close to each other can make their growth stunted and in addition, they catch disease easily if they are too close to each other.

    ?         Label your plant ? There are times that we forget where we put things and what did you plant in that specific part of your garden.  So that you will not get confused, just make some labels so you can tag each plant.

    ?         Organizing your garden ? You can make you and your garden organized by writing notes.  Make sure that you know were specific plants are planted. You may include pictures of them just like in a scrapbook.  Put some labels, pictures notes, pictures, and even sketches so that you know if they are improving or not.   

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