FREE CBSE Class 12 NCERT Video Lessons Online Download

NCERT Video Lessons Online Download

Online classes are getting more attention these days by most of the aspiring students who wish to score the highest marks in the exams. Nowadays the technology has speeded up so much that everything is very fast-paced today. And online classes match up with today?s emerging era.

Today CBSE Class 12 NCERT Video Lessons Online are available easily at the Vidya Setu site. Students rejoice in the online lectures available for every subject of class 12th. Vidya Setu has some unique features that make it an exceptionally good online class.

Vidya Setu has an outstanding, experienced, and learned faculty who always strive hard to impart quality education to all the aspiring candidates. The lectures are of HD quality and are completely free to access by the students. CBSE Online Coaching for Class 12th is extremely important as class 12th being a board class for the candidates. The Vidya Setu site is popular because of the effective and high-quality informational videos that it offers.

The Class 12 Students of which board can take Class 12  Free CBSE NCERT Video Lessons Online? 

The students of any Board can take the Class 12 Free CBSE Class 12 NCERT Video Lessons Online. The different types of Boards include ICSE, RBSE, and CBSE. The students of the respective boards have the syllabus of Class 12th common to most of the extent. All the concepts become crystal clear in the minds of the students after going through the video lectures imparted by the expert faculty of Vidya Setu. The state, as well as the central board students, take complete advantage of these video lectures.

Why Take VidyaSetu CBSE Class 12 NCERT Video Lessons Online?

Vidya Setu provides the FREE CBSE Class 12 NCERT Video Lessons Online. It is popular among the young and dynamic students of Class 12th of every board as it offers multiple features:-

  • Free Online Classes

CBSE Class 12 Online Classes are provided to the students of class 12th without charging any fee or a single penny. One simply has to register on the official site of Vidya Setu and then can attend the lectures easily.

  • Best Faculty for Every Subject

Vidya Setu possesses the expert faculty and eminent subject experts who are well organized and expert in teaching. From the top schools and top coaching classes faculties are hired at the Vidya Setu. They impart knowledge with their full potential to the students and have attained specialization in teaching.

  • Updated Study Material

Vidya Setu provides the study material for the CBSE Online Coaching for Class 12th. The presentable and updated study material is designed by expert faculties by sitting consistently for hours and doing lots of research work.

  • Tips & Tricks 

At the Vidya Setu portal, one finds easy tips and tricks which prove helpful to the students in the long run. Students can crack their board exams by taking FREE CBSE Class 12 NCERT Video Lessons Online. With these short tricks, it becomes easy to remember important formulas.

  • Conceptual Learning

For the difficult and tedious topics, CBSE Class 12 Online Classes are provided by making the conceptual knowledge clear to the students. All the mandatory topics are explained very well by Vidya Setu. Vidya Setu works on the philosophy of conceptual learning.

  • Doubt Solving Facilities

Vidya Setu faculty manages the students nicely during the problem or doubt solving classes. Students ask their doubts and problems with the Vidya Setu faculty without any hesitation.

  • Online Mock Test Series

Students can easily know their strong and weak points by consistently analyzing their performance in the mock test series. The CBSE Class 12 Online Classes provides the online mock test series effectively. In this way, students can practice more and work on their weak points to prepare for the board exam.

  • Comprehensive Video Classes

FREE CBSE Class 12 NCERT Video Lessons Online prove much helpful to the aspiring candidates. In the form of animated videos the Vidya Setu faculty specifically illustrates any particular topic. All the video classes are many comprehensive and complex problems are solved much easier here.

Why Do Students Prefer VidyaSetu Online Classes Over Other Online Platforms? 

Vidya Setu FREE CBSE Class 12 NCERT Video Lessons Online are very advantageous for the young students of Class 12th. Most of the students prefer Vidya Setu Online classes over other online platforms because of the reasons mentioned in the table below:-

ServicesVedantu Byjus? Vidya Setu 
FacultyExperienced Experienced Most Experienced 
Online Facility Provided Provided Provided
FeesChargeableChargeable Free
Syllabus Not Updated Updated Completely Updated
Videos Good quality Good QualityHD-Quality 
Online Mock Test NoNoYes

You must have observed the difference from the table above. In comparison, one will be able to figure out the best online classes.


We see that the Best CBSE Online Coaching for Class 12th can be attained at the official site of the Vidya Setu. The FREE CBSE Class 12 NCERT Video Lessons Online prove much worthy for the students. All the topics are explained in a very simplified manner at Vidya Setu that most of the students find easy and simple. Students excel well in their board papers with bright scores after taking the CBSE Online Coaching for Class 12th from Vidya Setu. Vidya Setu is so easy to register and the students from any board can willingly participate in the online lectures.

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