How Freight Shipments are Working in 2021

Air freight is any type of transport transported or moved from one place to another by means of an air-borne craft. Air freight includes air freight, air cargo and air express.

Air freight is a very common mode of transportation for many items that are traded and imported around the world. It is faster than sea freight shipping options and is a convenient alternative when you don’t have a permanent address or you want to make sure that your shipment reaches its ultimate destination safely. There are three major types of shipping from China to Canada methodologies available and they include ground, air and sea freight options.

The cost of shipping using these methods depends on the distance and time needed to transport your items. You can save on costs if you choose to ship your items using air freight services because you will get discounts. Some of the common ways in which air freight is used are mentioned below.

Shipment of Goods by Sea:

Shipment of Goods by Sea

This is the most popular way of shipping goods because it offers cheap shipment services to international customers. Most of the shipping services offer this service through the use of ocean vessels such as container ships. Container ships are capable of storing up to 200 tons of goods and hence are quite popular with international clients who wish to transport goods of different sizes.

However, the container ship method of air freight forwarding does not provide you with the assurance of tracking the shipment of your goods because you will not receive any communication from the supplier or the shipper regarding the status of the shipment.

Shipment of Goods by Air: 

Shipment of Goods by Air

This is another common way of air freight services. This method offers the fastest method of transporting goods because of its short distances. However, air freight requires advanced knowledge about the airline regulations and other requirements related to the movement of goods.

Air freight can be very time-sensitive as well. If your shipment fails to reach the expected destination on time, you may have to bear a penalty fine for late delivery.

Shipment of Goods by Road:

Shipment of Goods by Road

This is the most preferred mode of air freight as it provides for the safest means of transporting goods. However, transportation of large volumes of goods by road is very time-consuming and costly. There are certain regulations that you need to follow while transporting large amounts of merchandise by road. For instance, goods that require special handling must be shipped via trucks.

Air freight companies do not have the necessary equipment and resources for the transportation of large volumes of goods via road. They may even face penalties for delaying the shipment or sending the goods in the wrong direction.

Shipment of Goods by Courier: 

Shipment of Goods by Courier

This method of air freight shipment is very popular among persons who want to send urgent shipments of goods to businesses or individuals. A courier company offers you the ability to track shipments and receive notifications regarding the shipment of goods.

In case there are any problems with your shipment, the courier company can easily inform you about it. Moreover, the courier service provides you the ability to track shipments and receive notifications regarding the shipment of goods.

Drop Shipping:

Drop Shipping

In some cases, when you are unable to deliver a particular shipment to its destination, you can drop ship the item. The shipping companies will not charge you for this facility. The amount is generally determined by the shipping company. However, the cost of air freight services varies from one company to another.

Drop shipping is one way of securing the safe delivery of your goods to its desired location. Unlike other methods of air freight shipping, drop shipping permits you to secure safe shipments at any point of time. You can use the services of the freight services at any point of time to make sure that your shipment reaches its destination safely.

You no longer need to leave your home to make a delivery to your client. Instead, you can sit at home and relax while air freight services get your items shipped to its destined location.

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