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    nasal swab test

    The coronavirus has brought lives to a standstill. Be it economy, business, lifestyle, etc everything has gone for a toss. Well this is what a pandemic does, which is why we just hate the term pandemic. Nothing remains the same during and after the pandemic.

    When the spread of coronavirus started some 8-9 months back, none of us had thought that it would affect our lives in such an adverse manner. Also no one expected that this would last for such a long time and would claim so many lives in such a short span. Clearly, we were not prepared to face the pandemic. Which is why, when the spread of this virus started we didn?t have proper medical infrastructure to fight against it. With few testing laboratories, no vaccine and no particular medicine to cure this virus, we were clearly losing the battle against the deadly virus.

    If nothing else then at least if we would have had more number of laboratories providing tests for coronavirus maybe we could have saved many more lives. But, as the saying goes, better late than never, we are now better equipped to deal with Covid-19. More laboratories, more knowledge about the virus, and with vaccines development under process, hopefully we will be able to win against the fatal virus.

    Every country has taken steps to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Large amounts have been spent to gather and develop infrastructure to test and treat coronavirus. Government has been doing their parts ever since the spread of the virus started but they alone cannot completely prevent the spread of this virus. Each and every individual has to be responsible enough in order to win this battle. Taking precautions, sanitising hands, wearing masks, adopting physical distancing are some of the things that each and every individual should be doing in order to break the chain of coronavirus.

    Covid Testing, Beverly Hills is available for everyone and in various manners be it testing for business,mobile testing, concierge testing,etc . There are two types of tests available for coronavirus. The first is a Nasal Swab test for those showing symptoms of coronavirus like fever, loss of taste and smell, etc. The second one is Antibody test for those who have no or very mild symptoms. Since the fear of coronavirus is huge, it is better to go for either nasal swab testing or antibody testing to be sure whether you have or haven?t been infected from coronavirus.

    Knowing how dangerous this virus is, proper precautions have been taken by each and every laboratory providing a testing facility for the same virus. Some of the precautions that everyone has adopted are:

    • Sanitisation- Each and every staff member as well as the visitors are asked to sanitise their hands at regular intervals. Not just the staff but the whole laboratory is sanitised after every few hours.
    • Appointment system- Proper appointment system is followed to avoid chaos and maintain social distancing.
    • PPE Kits- The nurses attending patients are asked to wear PPE kits at a protective layer to be safe from the virus.

    These are some very basic precautions which are essential. Along with these precautions, leaves are given to the staff members who are unwell in order to keep everyone else safe.

    Until and unless the vaccine for coronavirus is developed, and even after the development of the vaccine, taking proper precautions is essential.

    Being educated citizens it is our responsibility to keep ourselves and others safe. Knowledge and awareness about the virus is of significance. Even if you feel the slightest amount of weakness or symptoms similar to coronavirus, you should definitely get yourself tested and should follow a 15 days quarantine. These immediate actions can be of great help to fight against the virus and to get over with the pandemic as soon as possible. Let?s just play our role to the best of our abilities and hope of coming out of this time as stronger and better individuals.

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