Sports Affected by Coronavirus & eSports comes for rescue

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    Esports is the leading sector for the global interactive gaming industry.  But currently, the outbreak of coronavirus has turned the industry scenario differently. With the cancelation of sports events and leagues, the sports industries are facing a major downfall in the economy. But the iGaming industry can still recover its losses and sustain its business with the help of other alternatives such as ESPORTS. Esports Platform Development services can be helpful for the iGaming business to retain their customers and enhance the profitability of their business. Esports is an online-based game that can engage the users during the situation of an outbreak due to coronavirus.  

    Sports Affected by Coronavirus & eSports comes for rescue

    Impact of Coronavirus on sports Leagues and Events

    The spreading of coronavirus has affected the whole economy including the iGaming industry. There are various sports events available that have been canceled or postponed. Here is the list of the following sports events and leagues which are canceled or postponed.


    The most awaited league NBA (National Basketball Association) has announced the cancelation of the march league.


    The major league of baseball has suspended its session and delayed the start of the regular season.


    NCCA has announced the cancelation of the men’s and women’s basketball tournament, due to the outbreak of coronavirus.


    The WNBA?S 2020 may season has been postponed to April.


    The drag racing series has been canceled.

    Game Developer Conference

    The game developer conference has been canceled, due to the impact of coronavirus.


    Wimbledon has been suspended along with the French Open. men’s events in Munich, Germany; Estoril, Portugal and women’s tournaments in Strasbourg, France, and Rabat have been canceled.

    Canadian Football League

    The CFL which was scheduled for June has been postponed.

    Korean and Japanese baseball leagues

    The Japanese baseball league which was scheduled in March is now postponed. The South Korean league will open its season in early May. 

    These above mentioned are the major sports events and leagues which have been canceled or postponed. These events were scheduled in different countries but with the spreading of the outbreak, all events got canceled. Thus during this downfall duration, the gaming industry needs to turn it’s wheel to online sports to sustain its audience. 

    Trending Alternatives Available for Gaming Industries

    As we have only seen a few months of 2020, but the outbreak of coronavirus affects the iGaming industry differently. The cancelation of events and leagues affecting the iGaming entrepreneurs who are solely focused on gaming events have been thrown a major curveball, as all events are canceled or postponed for uncertain time. But there are still hopes for the iGaming industry to sustain, only they need to be observed in the market. There are different alternatives available online during the lockdown market,  as follows:


    Today the world is filled with game enthusiasts and during the period of lockdown, the online world can be their only hope to overcome this boredom. Esports can be the best choice for the audience to keep engaging in new events and enjoy it on a wider market level. There are various esports leagues available for improving their gaming skills and enjoying their lockdown period. Counterstrike, Fortnite,  League of Legends and many other major games can be played by the audience. iGaming entrepreneurs can easily opt for this alternative and can also enhance their market share in the gaming industry.

    Virtual Sports

    Similarly like esports, virtual games can be offered to the audience as per the current situation. The gaming industry can offer various sporting events including football, table tennis, and horse racing and many more. 

    Jika Sports

    This sports alternative came from the African market. They showed their creativity. This entertaining option can be used by gaming entrepreneurs to engage their audience to a great extent. It has animated soccer and racing games with high content involved, which could be a great choice for the iGaming industry.

    Sports-Related and Reality-TV Events

    Along with virtual and online gaming entertainment, currently, there has been a trend of betting on reality television shows. The iGaming entrepreneurs can opt for this option and can hold a contest on sports-related events to entertain their audience at large. 

    Other Verticals

    Among these alternatives, esports can be a savior for the iGaming industry as well as can be useful for them to enlarge their business for long-term.

    Benefits Available for iGaming Industry During COVID-19

    • As with the cancelation of sports leagues and events, the iGaming industry has suffered a lot, therefore entrepreneurs need to choose the best alternative in the market.  
    • As per the guidelines of WHO (World Health Organisation), people are advised to stay at their home, this situation can be used by the audience through online games.
    • Esports not only engage the audience but also be helpful for entrepreneurs to sustain their business in the time of downfall.
    • The iGaming agencies can opt for the opportunity as people prefer to play games to get over their boredom.
    • There are various sports involved in esports events that can give real life experience to the users, it can also be a great opportunity for business people to develop their business in this sector.

    Esports can be a Rescue

    During the situation of spreading of coronavirus, people are staying at their homes and looking for an option with the combination of entertainment and engagement. During the situation of quarantine, people are seeking for online games, this can be a wonderful opportunity for all iGaming entrepreneurs whose profitability has been affected due to cancelation of gaming events. 

    There are major competitions expected in esports, that can be a great opportunity for businesses to sustain their business in the market earlier. For retaining the audience esports can be an exciting option for the users. Esports platform can also help increase the revenue share of the business. 

    Almost all major esports events and leagues are covered through esports. As per the research by experts, esports is a less affected sector in the iGaming industry. Thus entrepreneurs must opt for this option for their growth in a recession market. It is the safest place to invest by entrepreneurs in the gaming industry.

    So, if you want to increase your revenue during a lockdown and keep entertaining your audience at large, you need to opt for the most engaging platform of esports during this period of economic downfall.

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