Preparing for 2024: Top 4 Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories You Can’t Miss!

motorcycle accessories

2024 is around the corner, and we are sure you already have planned where you will celebrate your New Year’s Eve. For most bike enthusiasts, going on our favourite bikes, like Hero Hunter 150, to celebrate the new year is nothing less than exciting. 

We hope that your New Year’s party will be full of food, wine, fun, and gifts. And talking about gifts, why not make 2024 great for your beloved two-wheeler too? We know it’s unheard of, but why not start a trend? 

Each year, new needs arrive, and vehicle accessories change with it. To make this new year great for your bike, too, we are sharing the top 4 must-have accessories.

1. Bike TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)

Riding with the right tyre pressure is crucial for safety and performance. A Bike TPMS is like a guardian for your tyres. It constantly monitors your tyre pressure, ensuring they’re neither too high nor too low. It’s like having an intelligent assistant for your tyres, warning you if there’s any problem. This way, you can enjoy a smooth ride and avoid surprises on the road.

2. GPS Tracker

Did you know? As per the Criminals Investigations Directorate, 15+ motorcycles are stolen daily in Uganda. Now, we don’t want this to happen to you, but as they say – precaution is better! The name of the precaution for this illness is GPS tracker

A GPS Tracker for your bike, like Hero Hunter 150cc, is like a high-tech map that keeps track of your motorcycle’s location. It’s not just about location, though. Some trackers can even alert you if someone tries to mess with your bike, giving you peace of mind wherever your motorcycle takes you.

3. Portable Paddock Stand

A Portable Paddock Stand is like a magic trick for your motorcycle. When you’re not riding, it lifts your bike off the ground, making it stand tall and proud. It’s not just for show; it’s super useful. It makes maintenance and cleaning a breeze because your wheels are free to spin. Plus, it gives your bike a break from always sitting on its tyres. It’s like a mini-vacation for your motorcycle when it’s not hitting the road.

4. Portable Tyre Inflator

You may have experienced a tyre that felt a bit deflated every week or so. A Portable Tyre Inflator is like a superhero that brings your tyres back to life. It’s a compact and handy device that you can carry with you on your motorcycle adventures. 

If you ever notice your tyre needs a little more air, you can plug in this inflator, and voila! Your tyres are back to their happy, bouncy selves. It’s like having a personal tyre caretaker right in your backpack.

And since we are talking about the new year and gifts, here’s a gift from our side – a bonus accessory

5. Helmet Bluetooth Headset

We know how costly it can be to purchase a Bluetooth headset, and choosing the right one from thousands of options can be tiring. 

Well, we have a solution for you. It’s called a helmet Bluetooth headset. This headset is a high-tech addition to your helmet that connects wirelessly to your phone or other devices. 

It’s not just about entertainment but also a safety feature. You can answer calls hands-free, follow GPS directions, and stay connected while keeping your focus on the ride. 

6. Celebrate More with Hero Hunter 150

So, as you usher in the new year with food, wine, fun, and gifts, consider embracing a fresh start with the Hero Hunter 150. This remarkable bike boasts a powerful 149.1 cc engine, sturdy 18″ wheels with knobby tires for enhanced traction, a convenient flat wide carrier, and a lightweight design at just 140 kg. 

Make 2024 a year of exciting new rides and adventures by ushering in the new year on the Hero Hunter 150. Happy riding into the future!

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