5 injuries treated by MSK therapy

msk therapy

MSK therapy includes a treatment plan that can treat musculoskeletal injuries by using some modern equipment and medications. Equipment used for these therapies may consist of the modalities to make the injured body parts less painful and more functional. The medications mostly include analgesics that minimize the pain. Medicines that accelerate the healing process can also be used in this regard. These therapies ensure improved body functions so that the patient can enjoy a better quality of life. For this purpose, they may target the site of injury or treat the body as a whole. Treating the site of injury helps in normalizing the impaired part of the body.

However, if the therapist treats the body as a whole, he means to bring the patient back to normal life. For these types of therapies, specialists are available who have been trained well to understand the condition and apply the modalities appropriately. MSK disorders include some of the most common injuries of the musculoskeletal system faced by the modern age people. To treat such conditions, suitable MSK therapyis required that make the affected parts of the body less painful and more functional. These therapies can be used against numerous types of injuries. The following are five of the most common types of MSK conditions that can be efficiently treated by such therapeutic approaches.

Chronic pain in the lower back

The back of the body plays a significant role in maintaining the balance and upright posture of humans. Any impairment in this area may limit numerous normal functions of our lives. Chronic low back pain is among common MSK disorders faced by the people of the modern era. This may occur due to numerous reasons. They are mostly found in the people having an office job where they need to sit for a long duration. This is because such patients put much pressure on the lower vertebrae by sitting in the wrong posture. This pressure may discomfort the lower area of our back, giving rise to pain in it. They are seen to be common in aged and diabetic patients because of muscle weakness. This type of pain is gradual in onset and increases with time if not treated duly. Medical practitioners who have done MSK therapy training from a certified institute can treat this condition and devise a home plan for them.


One of the most significant signs of age is weakness and tissue rupture in many parts of the body. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common outcomes of such tissue ruptures at the joints of the body. In this type of disorder, patients find a restriction in moving their joints properly. The pain during motion is also non-bearable that diminishes the function additionally. One of the causes of this ailment is a rupture in the soft tissues that are present between joints. These tissues function to keep the bones separate so that they can be easily moved. However, the tissue’s degradation reduces joint pain and limits the range of motion of the affected limb. The rupture also excites the nerve at the site and causes pain. These symptoms are more common among aged people or people with a sedentary lifestyle. This is because these patients’ joint space is reduced, and tissues get damaged due to repeated stress. MSK therapy & injury managementare the best solutions for such conditions.

Rheumatoid arthritis

An autoimmune disorder may be established in the human body without any environmental cause. However, its onset may be influenced by some external factors. Rheumatoid Arthritis is one of the most common autoimmune diseases faced by people. This type of disease can impair the functions of multiple joints in the body. However, they mostly affect fingers, hands, feet, and toes. The patient feels extreme pain due to degradation of the tissues at the site of the attack. The joints are also inflamed, which restricts the range of motion. Moreover, the alignment of fingers and toes also seems to be disturbed, making it easy to be diagnosed. This disorder mostly occurs in young people and may again happen in the elderly. MSK therapy & injury management is considered to be best to subside its symptoms. However, the complete cure for this type of disease is not yet known by medical professionals.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common MSK disorders of hand faced by people. This type of disease mostly occurs due to the occupation of the patient. If the patient mainly uses his wrist at his job, he is at high risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Therefore, carpenters, loaders, and other related professionals are advised to take better care of their hands. In this type of disease, a hollow structure of our hand called the carpal tunnel becomes narrow. The nerves and vessels passing through that hollow structure are compressed that impairs their ability to supply impulses and blood. As a result of this, the hands’ muscles start to become weak that impair the normal functions of the hand. The patient also feels numbness and tingling sensation in hand due to compression on the nerve. MSK therapy Aberdeenis considered to be the best cure for such conditions.


We know that our muscles are attached to the bones via some special cords that medical professionals call tendons. The primary function of tendons is to pull the bones when muscles undergo contraction. However, any type of impairment in these cords may limit the ability of the people to move their bones freely. Such a condition is called tendonitis. Such a disorder can occur in any tendon of the body and reduce the respective part’s motion. One of the most common tendonitis is tennis elbow. In this type of disorder, certain tendons of the elbow become inflamed, restricting the complete straightening of the elbow joint. It causes pain if you try to straighten the elbow forcefully. MSK therapy trainingprograms also treat the therapists on how to treat tendonitis without increasing the pain of the patient.

We know that people of the modern age are facing numerous musculoskeletal disorders. For this purpose, they need a suitable treatment plan that reduces their pain and brings them back to normal life. MSK therapy Aberdeen has great significance in this regard. They can be used to treat low back pain as well as osteoarthritis. Tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and many other disorders also come in the area of these treatments.

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