Uses of App Reviews for Your Mobile App

    mobile app reviews

    A review can make or break your business. Today before making any purchase, even if it is iPhone 12, first we go through its reviews to analyze its performance. And honestly, your business can not have only good reviews.

    As per one of the research, 90% of consumers believe that online feedback influences their buying decisions.

    In a way, reviews can be a source to know where you stand exactly. You can understand your plus points and also make sure to improve from the suggestions or remarks from the customers. And sometimes if you go in depth, it can be much more than that. Let?s get started on how:

    Help you Improve Conversion Rate

    As per the studies, 97% of Google Play reviews receive no reply. Responding to your reviews can improve application visibility. It shows your customers that you are listening to their concerns. The other great thing you can do is revert to any important remark they sent and you improved accordingly. This can lift your conversion rates and the number of positive feedbacks.

    Another study states that 55% of respondents say it created a negative impact with a one or two-star rating of an app. While 71% of respondents say four or five-star rating creates a positive impact on them, according to Apptentive.

    Overall, we can say the better the rating and review, the better are the conversion rate of an application.

    Boosts Revenue

    Generating revenue is the ultimate aim of any business and the same applies with the mobile application. Revenue you generate from an app is indirectly related to the ratings of an application as it is the source of credibility for purchasing.

    87% of users read an online review for local businesses in 2020 and 48% of users still consider doing business with a rating less than 4 stars, according to BrightLocal. Hence try to revert to negative ones and always try to receive good reviews as much as possible!

    But apart from the feedback, other factors like design of app, title, description, images, or videos, have a direct impact on the conversion rate which also affects the revenue.

    Application Visibility

    Though revenue is the major aspect of an app, how do you actually increase it? By increasing the visibility of your application.

    For a good app ranking, you require a good amount of feedback to make it visible in the app store. You can expect the downloads to increase, as your rank improves.

    Unfortunately, while accumulating reviews, you will have both negative and positive. So, aim to generate a large number of positive reviews.

    You can use the ASO(App Store Optimization) technique – This technique helps in boosting your visibility in the app store. Follow the best practices to ensure your app store listing creates the best possible impression. You will be able to convince your customers and drive downloads.

    Influence Purchase Behavior

    Other people?s opinions matter.

    You have seen or let?s say before purchasing any product you will look for the opinion from your known ones or online. If you get many negative feedbacks you will cease to buy that product or service.

    Application reviews work the same.

    The above chart gives insights about the influence of ratings and the app store conversion rate. Jumping from one star to five starts has a 770% increase while jumping from 4 stars to five has an increase of 4%.

    Feedbacks helps in improving your product

    An online review consists of both positive and negative ones. You can use it to identify any area of your business that requires improvement in customer delivery, or design of an application, and more.

    The user wants an efficient solution, any bug or damage can affect your ranking. So, gathering reviews and integrating changes will help you improve your product.

    Fixing error means you are aligning your solution to your user base. When you keep your users happy, you are converting them into your loyal customer base and they will stick with you in the long run.

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    How to use App Reviews?

    As we discussed above, once you receive the app feedback, it is important to put them to the best use. Among the feedbacks, the negative ones are common, but often seen as a way to launch or improve a mobile application. Below we are some points on how you can use the app reviews:

    Look for a way to Improve

    Negative reviews are the way through which the users vent out their frustrations or sometimes confusion over the application. This is the part where you need to find the reason that is leading to negative reviews.

          ?You can utilize negative feedback to offer better solutions and twirl them into positive?

    The app owners can use multiple channels like social media or websites to ask for reviews regarding their app. It?s the best way to look around the way for an improvement.

    Through this, you are initiating a two-way discussion which is a good way to engage with your customers.

    Respect the Critics

    You will find critics everywhere. You should respect them and learn from them.

    No matter how dynamic the application you roll out, in the end, your users are going to use it. If users do not like something they will leave a negative comment

    Your primary goal should be converting the user?s negative experience into a positive one. Don?t be defensive while responding to the comments instead act as a problem solver between the brand and the user.

    key Takeaways

    • You can use social media platforms to collect feedback.
    • App reviews indirectly help in boosting conversion rates and revenue.
    • 79% of users check reviews and ratings before downloading an app.
    • Positive ratings and reviews help in building a strong user base.


    The app store is a platform which is a heavily populated platform where the well-reviewed app will succeed. If you treat app reviews as an important part of your business, you will have the benefit of ranking and download.

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