App Ideas for Africa Assuring Great Profits

Africa is known as the Land of Mummies and also the land of great opportunities. It is the world?s second most populated continent in the world having over 1.3 billion people living there and considered from the business perspective, it is hailed as an emerging continent in terms of technology and it would not be wrong to boast that the mobile app business there is filled with immense potentials, so if someone wishes to go to Africa and start a mobile app for the Africans, it is a clear-cut success idea altogether. 

However, courtesy political issues, corruption scandals, etc., business there got disrupted in the initial years and despite the global mobile app market having revenues of around 25 billion dollars approximately, it is unfortunate that Africa has no share in the same. 

But as they say, governments change and so does the system. This stands especially true for Africa where business is starting to grow and the number of mobile app users is increasing at a catastrophic high.?

Let us have a look at the numbers to understand this better. 

Increase in Number of Mobile App Users in Africa

According to statistical findings, it has been found that Nigeria has around 41 percent mobile app users that get followed by Kenya and Ghana. 

These numbers, in turn, indicate the increase in the overall number of mobile app users that would overall grow to even higher numbers in the years to come and makes it but obvious that starting a business in Africa is nothing more than a profitable venture for you especially through the medium of a mobile app. 

So, before we go on to acquaint you and enlighten you with the mobile app ideas for Africa that you can consider, it is important that you first remember a few key points some of which are listed below.?

Points to Consider Before Launching an App Idea for Africa

  1. Consider if your app idea has relevance at all in Africa because it obviously goes without saying that if an application is not relevant to the needs of your business, there is no point in starting the same
  2. Analyse and identify the problems that Africa faces and build relevant apps to address them 
  3. Take demographics into account to deliver solutions related to the same for the people in Africa. 

So, now that you know the points, let us provide you with a list of app ideas for Africa that we feel will help you launch a successful business in Africa for the Africans and help you make enormous profits. 

5 App Ideas for Africa You Can Consider 

  1. Recruitment App ? Unemployment is a matter of great concern for people living in Africa, so with the help of the recruitment app, you can help those seeking a job find one in the fastest manner and be a Messiah for them. 
  2. Farming App ? Farming is quite popular in Africa considering the vast agricultural potential the land holds. So, if you are thinking of an app that can assist the farmers in becoming independent and managing their daily work like receiving up-to-date information on the price of crops to receiving information on farming-related manner, to name a few, a farming app is what you can build for them. 
  3. Pharmacy App ? It is an age-old saying, Health is Wealth. So if you are looking for an app that will assist your African customers to get medicines delivered to them in the fastest as well as the quickest manner, the pharmacy app becomes an app that you can think of
  4. Job Hunting App for Women ? Today when feminism and women empowerment is on the rise, it but goes without saying that having a Job Hunting for Women in Africa will surely turn out to be a hit as more and more women will start getting opportunities to become independent and self-reliant. 
  5. Safety App ? Despite being a land of great opportunities, Africa also holds a bad reputation of crimes. So, if you are thinking of an app that can provide quick SOS (save our soul) Support to the people living in Africa, a safety app is an idea you can consider. 

Along with these On Demand App ideas, you can also consider other app ideas for Africa like education apps to provide educational sessions, online tour apps, etc. so that you can build a people-friendly business in Africa and see yourself making enormous profits along the way.?