Microsoft 365 Emails Backup Solution

Emails now emerged as one of the crucial ways to communicate all over the sphere, especially in the business world. Emails are always remained to be highly important, and it becomes more important in business because here, it indirectly corresponds to economics. Microsoft office 365 does provide a cloud space for the safe custody of emails, but the user must backup them. Backup emails are necessary because of these reasons: 

  • A concern associated with multiple users: Microsoft does let many users alter the same document on any system. This permission can lead to the accidental deletion of the emails. So, backup emails could be a wise opinion in this case. 
  • Deleted data policy: It retains the deleted data, but only for some specific time so, it would be the right choice to backup them before deletion. 
  • There can be unauthorized access to the emails of Office 365. 
  • Malware attack is also a concern. 
  • Cut off in Office subscription: Backing up the Office 365 emails in the local directory facilitates us to use less Office 365 cloud space. This less use of cloud space could lead to a cut-off in the Microsoft Office 365 subscription fee. 
  • Internet connectivity problem:  If users stucks in a situation where there is no internet connection, then saved emails let us reach them. 

After diving into the reasons to back up the Office 365 emails, let?s talk about the Microsoft 365 Emails Backup Solution. There are two broad ways to back up the Office 365 emails into the local directories viz manual method and using the third-party tool. Although the manual method is free of cost, certain uncertainties come with it. 

Uncertainties of manual method: 

  • First of all, it is a complex method.?
  • This method requires a technically versed person to perform this task.?
  • There is no certainty of the whole data backup.?
  • Data loss can occur.

Best tool for Microsoft 365 Emails Backup Solution: 

The Shoviv Office 365 backup and restore tool is the best solution for the backup of Microsoft 365 emails. This tool is best because of so many reasons, and the first and foremost reason is its simple GUI. Let’s take a look at how to use this tool for such processes of Microsoft 365 backup.

How to use Microsoft 365 Emails Backup Solution: Shoviv tool 

Microsoft 365 emails backup using the Shoviv Office 365 backup and restore tool is broadly a three-step process. These steps are as elaborated below: 

Connect Office 365:  

  • Click on connect Office 365 tab on the dashboard, a wizard will open. 
  • In this wizard, provide Office 365 credentials and tap on connect button. 

   With this step, users’ Office 365 accounts are connected to the Shoviv tool?s interface. Now users need to select the local directory where they wish to back up their files. 

Backup directory:  

  • Click on the Backup directory tab on the dashboard a wizard will open. 
  • Provide a path for the data to save in the local directory. 

Backup jobs: 

  • Click on the Backup jobs option from the dashboard a wizard will appear. 
  • In this “job name wizard”, provide job name, project name, and select backup directory then press Next. 
  • Mailbox selection wizard enables its users to select the mailbox to process for backup, select the desired mailbox, and press Next. 
  • Next comes the filter wizard, put a filter based on message class and date range accordingly. There is a folder filter option that is also available users can use that filter as well. If done, press Next. 
  • Setting wizard allows its users to select thread counts, the number of attempts to make in case of interruption, PST split option Et Cetra. Choose them suitably and proceed with Next
  • In this schedular wizard, users can select to perform the backup process once or periodically. 
  • At last, comes the status wizard. This wizard shows the log report of the backup job. 
  •  Now the backup job is created, users can go to the start backup job icon to start the backup job. 


This tool, as you have seen have a scheduler option to backup job automatically on scheduled periods. The Filter option is there, and PST split option given in this utility makes it easy for users to handle files. Now it is totally up to users with which Microsoft 365 Emails Backup Solution they decide to go ahead.

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