Methods Of Car Cleaning Perfectly

We only ever clean our vehicles by hand. The ?scratching system? lives up to its name. Even the car wash, which is described as particularly gentle, leaves many fine scratches on your paintwork. We’ll show you Bilrengoring car cleaning.

Interior care is almost even more important than exterior cleaning. After all, most of the time you sit in your car and not outside. Especially when you are a commuter and spend several hours in your car every day, you should feel good too.

We will show you what you have to pay attention to when cleaning the interior. Because some materials in the interior are particularly sensitive.


Before you can properly clean your interior, you should first clear all the trash from the interior.


The thorough statement of the interior is particularly important. There are many things to look out for when vacuuming. We’ll show you which vacuum cleaners and which attachments are best for vacuuming. It is important that you pay attention to sensitive materials.


Floor mats are heavily used every day. You are literally trampled on every day. If they are not cleaned regularly, the dirt works its way deeper and deeper into the fibers. This dirt can no longer be removed by normal tapping. Depending on the degree of soiling, we will show you different methods to remove the dirt from the fibers.


By using a Tornado Gun, deep-seated dust and impurities are removed from every space. We will show you how you can work best with the Tornado Gun and what care materials you need for it.


Particular caution is required when maintaining the cockpit. Materials such as piano lacquer are particularly sensitive and scratches appear super quickly. But the scratches can easily be avoided if you follow a few tips. We’ll show you how to give your cockpit a new shine.


You should feel comfortable in your car seats. That is why they should always be clean and hygienic. With fabric seats in particular, dirt and liquids work their way deep into the seat. Although no moisture penetrates leather seats, dirt collects on the seats and acts like sandpaper. Your leather seats will quickly become dull and brittle. Using special cleaning methods, you can clean your seat down to the pores again.


Not only does the headliner collect dirt, but also bad smells. Nicotine and other pollutants collect in the headliner, especially in smokers’ vehicles. If you want to sell your vehicle and are a smoker, the value of your vehicle is reduced by up to 1,000 euros. By cleaning the headliner and the entire interior, the bad smell almost completely disappears and the car can be sold at a significantly higher price.


Only clean windows guarantee a safe journey. Yes, there are also a few things to consider when cleaning windows. We’ll show you the best products for window cleaning.



What does such an outdoor maintenance actually include? We’ll show you a brief overview of the various cleaning methods. You can always find more up-to-date information on our blog.


We’ll show you how to wash your vehicle properly by hand. We will introduce you to different methods of how you can get your car deep into the pores again. If you follow our tips, we guarantee that your car will shine in new splendor. We test different products for you for perfect cleaning.


Dry your car without leaving streaks. We’ll show you the best methods to thoroughly dry your car. We test different dry wipes for you for absorbency and paint protection.


Rims are the shoes of your car. Rims are often particularly dirty and require special attention. Brake dust, tar and other dirt easily settle in the rim. We show and test some cleaning products especially for the rims.


Over time, a lot of deep-seated dirt accumulates on the paintwork. These can usually no longer be removed with common household means. With special cleaning techniques and care materials, you can also remove deep-seated dirt. But there is a lot to consider when kneading. We’ll show you what to look out for.


Show what you’ve got under the hood. A much neglected area on the car is the engine compartment. Dirt, oil residues and other contaminants attack hoses and cables over time and can make them porous. Cleaning the engine compartment is easier than you think. We’ll show you how to clean and conserve your engine compartment.

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