Easy Ways for Men to Step Up Their Grooming Habits

    men grooming habits

    It’s a common misconception that men only care about the basics of grooming, doing as little as possible in preparing for the day. Many men want to do a little extra, but they may not know where to start. These tips can help you go that extra mile without complicating your morning ritual too much.

    Take Better Care of Your Hair

    Our hair is one of the very first things we notice about one another, but proper hair care is also necessary for maintaining good scalp health. As a general rule, men don’t see their barber or hairdresser frequently enough. If your hair grows slowly, you may be able to get away with a haircut every few months. However, most men should go in for a trim every couple of weeks to keep up a neat appearance. Stray strands, dead ends, and frayed hair are just a few of the things a regular trim can eliminate. You should also know which hair products are best for your style and texture of hair. For example, men with thin hair should stay away from thicker shampoos and conditioners. If you do have thick, luxurious hair, try a pomade or wax to bring out the fullness of your hair.

    Use a Scent to Make a Statement

    When it’s time to upgrade your gentleman’s grooming accessories, among these upgrades should be a new scent. Rather than buying a whole arsenal of colognes and aftershaves, look for one or two scents that you really like. If you’re looking for guidance, experts in the perfume industry recommend an earthy or woodsy scent for the winter months. When the weather warms up, use a citrus scent for a more refreshing olfactory experience. You should stick with these scents, letting them define your style. You can use the scents that appeal to you as a signature, allowing others to associate those scents with you over time. However, avoid spraying too much. Instead of overpowering with your scent, you should emit just a whisper of the fragrance.

    Go Electric in Oral Care

    Also, consider getting a new electric toothbrush and an electric water pick. The electric toothbrush will be more effective in keeping your teeth and gum tissue clean. Specifically, the rotating action of an electric toothbrush’s head will help remove up to 11% more plaque than a manual toothbrush. By using an electric water pick before brushing, you’ll loosen more food particles to ensure brushing will clean your teeth more thoroughly. While regular floss is still considered effective, there are spots in your mouth where even floss can’t reach. Your water pick will get to those places, leaving you with a cleaner and more refreshing mouth.

    Exfoliate Your Skin

    While women tend to exfoliate once a night to remove caked-on makeup, that doesn’t mean there’s no reason for men to exfoliate once or twice each week. During your daily activities, your skin is exposed to harsh weather conditions, soot and dust, and other debris that can clog your pores. Additionally, dead skin cells will mix with the sebum that your glands excrete, increasing the likelihood of acne, rashes, and similar outbreaks. A weekly scrub is essential to remove these contaminants. By using a natural scrub, such as those made from apricot or oatmeal, you’ll avoid adding to the contaminants on your skin.

    Avoid a Wildly Grown Beard

    Maintaining a beard is an affectation that millions of men have adopted, but far too few know how to properly maintain their beards. Fortunately, keeping your beard neat and trimmed isn’t as complicated as it was in the past. Instead of relying on someone with a talent for trimming facial hair, you can pick up one of the dozens of beard trimming kits. These kits provide the tools you need to maintain the look you want, helping you to keep the length and shape of the beard that looks best on you.

    You can add more grooming practices to your routine either by consulting male wellness resources online or by consulting your favorite hairdresser. When you take the time to properly care for your skin, hair, and body, you’ll be going that extra mile in caring for yourself as well as making sure you look your best. In the end, stepping up your grooming practices will benefit your physical and emotional health in addition to helping you look as good as possible.


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