4 Great Tips to Take Care of your Dental Health During Lockdown

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    Hopefully, everyone is following the advice of the government to stay safe at home, apart from essential workers and food suppliers. Though this initial period will end soon, it is believed that the restrictions will continue to prevail for several more weeks, and possibly much more strictly. Most dental practices are finding it really worrying and just cannot wait for things to get back to normal. They are encouraging patients to take care of their dental health that includes teeth and gums at this testing period. By keeping in mind that even emergency dental care is quite restricted at this moment, it is really sensible to do all you can in order to avoid requiring the treatment.

    Go through this blogpost to know why the dentists are providing oral health care advice to help you in maintaining your teeth and gums healthy and strong during the lockdown period.

    1.Teeth cleaning routine

    Your daily life begins with following certain routines which includes cleaning the teeth properly for at least two times in a day. This means you should brush once when you get up in the morning and once before going to bed at night. You will be able to improve your dental health, practice proper oral hygiene habits, improves your appearance and confidence level. This will also enable you to greet people by wearing a smile on your face whenever you meet them.

    2. Start flossing

    One of the things often heard is that people do not get sufficient time to floss in between their teeth. This is mainly because some people find it very difficult to do and perhaps skip the habit. So, if you are having sufficient time, this is certainly a good scope to learn about it. You may go through online videos to know about flossing. Once you begin practicing regularly, you will be able to do it within a few minutes and thus, improve overall health of the teeth and gums.

    3. Avoid eating junk foods

    Though there might be some kind of dental emergency such as significant damage or severe toothache, other oral concerns such as a lost filling or a minor tooth pain can be left for sometime till the dental practices can open safely again. It is appreciated that this is actually inconvenient yet, it is extremely important to restrict the spread of this deadly disease, COVID 19.

    4. About the next generation

    If you are having kids and have enough time, then it is advised to include oral health in their home education. This can actually be done really interesting when you start some drawing competitions, watch videos and play the game of dentists and patients at home. By educating your children early, you can help them to know better why they should brush their teeth properly, floss daily and not eat lots of sweets at a time. This can also help you to learn something while you are busy educating your child.

    Thus, these simple oral care tips can be of great help in keeping your teeth and gums in good condition in the coming weeks. You should visit your emergency dentist in London only after everything returns back to normal and stay protected for the time-being.


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