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We all try to build the best home for us when we try to construct the home for us. Many people often conduct home inspections in their house after they construct the home to check that the house is resourceful or not. According to the survey of home inspectors the at the first stage when the people start living in the new house they give their best to keep up the cleanliness in the house but as the time passes, after few years the home inspectors notice the same house dirty and unmaintained. People, after some time passes living in the house, they stop to keep up their house clean and tidy. Hence, we will discuss some of the points or tips to maintain your home.

Check the doorbell �

The first thing that anyone who enters your house notices the doorbell. The doorbell, being an electronic instrument, has its own expiry date. Hence, many people do not change or repair the doorbell even after it gets destroyed or stops working properly. As we all know that �the first impression is the last impression�. Thus when you conduct home inspections the first thing the home inspector notices is the doorbell of the house and then start inspection of the house. 

Always clean the exhaust fans �

Many people attach the exhaust fans in their kitchen and bathrooms. But many people just attach it and start using it and stop maintaining it. It is very important to clean the exhaust fans weekly because all the exhaust fans are present near the area where there is presence of moisture. Thus, the moisture can give rise to mold. If the home inspector during home inspections notices the mold in the walls of your house then there are chances that you might get a bad report of the home inspections.

Always keep up your water supply up to date �

It is obvious that the pipes for the water supply in the house may not work properly or start leakage of water after few years. Hence you should always check and keep up the water supply of your house updated because the leakage can further increase many problems in your house like giving rise to the mold on the walls of your house and making the wall weaker due to the leakage of water from the pipes inside the walls, etc. This is the reason that you should check and maintain the pipeline of the water supply of your home on the yearly basis.

Maintain the electronic devices in the house �

Always try to check the electronic devices that you need daily like the air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters,s and washing machines. As we all know these devices have their life and limits of working properly hence always try to maintain these and check and sometimes replace if needed because if this device gets damaged or not work properly then your daily routine life may get disturbed.

Maintain the fire extinguishers and smoke detectors inside the house �

For maintenance and the safety of your home, it is very necessary that you should weekly check the fire extinguishers and the smoke detectors inside the house. As we all know that these things in the house are very important for the safety in the house. Provided, the home inspector during the home inspections always checks and examines that the home is safe or not. Thus, regularly check the fire extinguishers in the house and regularly replace the batteries of the fire extinguishers in the house for safety purposes at times of fire inside the house.

Fill up the cracks on the walls of the house �

Many a time after few years of constructing a house you may notice that cracks in the walls. These cracks usually appear on the walls because many people sometimes add the iron rods inside the walls during construction in excess amount. Thus, due to elasticity, cracks may appear on the walls in the walls of house after few years of construction. These cracks may give a very bad report of your home inspections, if conducted. Hence, always try to cover the cracks with the layer of the cement and later paint that part which may improve the strength of the wall and may also improve its appearance.

Weekly clean the chimneys of your house �

You generally attach the chimney either in your kitchen or in the living room above the burning area. Always remember, to clean and maintain the chimneys daily from inside as the vapors enter inside the chimneys hence the carbon present inside the vapors gets deposited on the inner walls of the chimneys which may give rise to various insects in the house and which may spread germs and diseases in your house. Hence, to make sure the safety of you and your family always clean and maintain the chimneys in your house.

Conclusion �

In order to�maintain�your home neat and clean even after a few years of construction, you should always practice the above tips for maintaining your home.


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