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    Decorating one?s home is something a lot of homeowners dream of doing but with the cost of home furnishing and accessories at an all-time high, it?s hard for everyday people to have the home they want. How about DIY-ing it? You get to stretch your creative muscles without having to spend a ton of money. Here are a few tips.

    1. Chalkboard Paint

    Let’s start with something simple and, without a doubt, common. If you want to change up your wall a little bit, why not choose to paint them in chalkboard paint? This is especially useful for children’s rooms since kids tend to write on walls. Not only are you helping encourage their love of drawing and art, but you also won’t get any headache having to deal with ruined walls.

    2. Wine Cork Rack

    If you are an avid fan of wine, you can make use of your old cork stoppers by making a cork rack for you to hang your necklaces and bracelets. All you?ve got to do is paint the corks and hot glue them on a piece of wood that you can then hang in your room or the living room. It’ll give the room a nice personal touch and you’re reducing your waste.

    3. Gold Flower Pots

    For all plant lovers out there, here’s a simple tip to elevate your beautiful green babies. By repotting them in gold flower pots. Or, better yet, why not but a metallic gold sprays paint and do it yourself. You won’t have to re-pot your plants anymore. Gold and green are always a nice combination and will surely provide a nice pop of color in any room.

    4. Feather Lamp

    Living in luxury doesn’t always mean breaking the bank buying all the expensive furniture. A simple and cheap way to elevate any room in your house is by simply gluing feathers on a paper lamp. It will transform any room into one that’s cozy and comfortable to hang out in. The feather lamp is perfect for living rooms and bedrooms and it can also be a great addition in the dining area.

    5. Handwritten Canvas

    If getting a beautiful painting is out of your budget and doing it yourself is out of the question, there’s always the option of hanging up a personalized handwritten canvas. This is a great idea to personalize boring walls and hide GPS trackers. If you don’t know what to write on the canvas, how about a favorite poem or a famous quote from an important historical figure!

    6. CD Mirror Mosaic

    If you have an old plain mirror and a ton of CD you barely even listen to, you can repurpose the mirror by breaking some of your CDs and creating a beautiful mosaic frame. Use plywood for the backing and hot glue the broken CD pieces until you cover the entire plywood frame.

    7. DIY Frame Shelf

    A couple of frame shelves stuck on a wall are a great way to create interest without having to buy a new shelf. You can visit any second hand or antique stores for the frames and just create the shelves using pieces of wood nailed together. Paint these in such a way that they look old and beaten up and attach them on walls right by your work desk so you can use these to store pens, papers, and other knick-knacks.

    8. Chic Ladder with Blanket

    One great way to spice up your living room and create an interesting yet simple focal point would be to lean a vintage-looking ladder on a wall and drape a piece of blanket or quilt on it. You can arrange a few pillows beneath it and that will be a great spot for guests and kids to chill and hangout. Simple, cheap, and quite effective.

    9. Shutter Side Table

    Spruce up your bedroom by creating a gorgeous looking side table using shutters. You can easily get a hold of some in renovation sites or construction sites. Or, if your budget is a little flexible, you can go to your nearest home improvement store and grab a couple of shutters. Sand new shutters a little bit for a more rustic look and join four pieces together to create a stand. Top it with a strong piece of wood for the tabletop.


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