Long Island Fishing – Everything to Know About

    Island Fishing

    When you are visiting the big apple – New York City, you should look beyond the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, the hipster lifestyle of Brooklyn, and the food paradise of Queens. You need to get a Long Island fishing report and enjoy the best fishing trip of your life.?

    Why Long Island for Fishing?

    Long Island has been considered as one of the best fishing spots in the northern belt. There are plenty of different reasons that have made Long Island fishing report shine among the other fishing joints. 

    Due to the presence of salty, brackish, and freshwater bodies around Long Island, it is home to various underwater species. Out of all the amazing fishing spots, Long Island Striped Bass is the best by far. There are plenty of Atlantic fisheries and jaw-dropping shallow and rocky waterfronts available to experience the real shades of marine life. On the top, Long Island is tucked between the Striped Bass annual migration route, which means you will never go home without catching a fish. 

    Who Can Fish in Long Island?

    If you check the complete Long Island fishing report, you will realize that it is a fishing parasail for everyone. It doesn?t matter whether you are an experienced fisherman or an amateur fisherman; you can catch a fish in your Long Island Striped Bass trip. This trip can be easily tailored according to your fishing skills. You can have an intense fishing battler with your friends and a relaxed fishing trip with your family – it?s completely up to you how you want to enjoy a fishing trip. Overall, the Long Island Striped Bass fishing trip is for everyone.?

    Where to Go Fishing?

    Long Island fishing report shows that it is a prime location for fishing. From the northern side to the southern tip, there are plenty of different waterfront options available in Long Island. But, if you are first time visiting this Long Island Striped Bass belt for fishing, you can check out the following places –


    If you look at Long Island from an aerial view, you will see big fish, and on the tail of this fish, Montauk is located. The locals called this place?The Last Resort. It is one of the popular fishing spots on Striped Bass because of many fishing charters’ departure from this base. So, you can pick a variety of fishing charters from this location. 

    South Shore

    South Shore is often referred to as the Montauk point, but there are numerous fishing locations present that you can?t miss. If you like inshore fishing at night time, you should visit Shinnecock Bay. When you are looking for a challenging fishing trip in the turbulent water, you can get plenty of challenges at Fire Island Inlet. Overall, for an experienced fisherman, the South Shore stretch has many hidden gems. 

    North Shore

    The entire northern coastline of Long Island is referred to as the North Shore, from where you can get direct charters to the Long Island Sound. Suppose you want to enhance your literary knowledge while fishing; this stretch is perfect for you. One of the wealthiest hamlets – The Great Gatsby, is located on this belt. Some of the mesmerizing properties are present on this shoreline. 

    When you want to experience the traditional northeastern style fishing, you should hail a charter to Little Neck and Hempstead Bay. For a serene fishing experience, you take a trip around the Lloyd Neck. 

    Long Island fishing report comes with numerous hidden spots that you can explore on your next trip to New York. Fishing is a big part of the culture in Long Island; thus, you should definitely once try to fish in the gorgeous spots there. To get the best Long Island fishing experience, you can consult – Celtic Quest Fishing. We have some of the highly affordable and mesmerizing fishing trips ready for you.?

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