5 Key Questions Related to Alkaline Water

    alkaline water

    If you care about your and the health of your loved ones, you might have heard the term ?alkaline water system? lately. You might have read about all the miraculous health benefits of alkaline water, but you must still have hundreds of questions related to this new magical water in your mind. 

    So, if you are planning to install an alkaline water system in your home, you should first clear all the questions regarding it. We have created a list of the key questions related to alkaline water that can help you in making your choice. 

    What is alkaline water? 

    In simpler terms, alkaline water has a high pH level that helps in neutralising the acidic content in the body. The average pH level of regular tap water is 7, which is also called basic. But, in alkaline water, the pH level is higher than 7 with reduced acidic content, improved negative oxidation-reduction potential, and loads of minerals. Thus, alkaline water contains numerous health benefits that make it highly popular among people.  

    Are alkaline and base the same?

    Many people confuse the alkaline water system with base water. Now, you can say that all alkaline water solutions are base, but all base water solutions aren?t alkaline. Doesn?t make sense? Well, base water is anything that has a pH level of more than 7. But, in alkaline water, numerous other minerals, vitamins, and other health improvement components available. As per the alkaline water solution formula, you can gain multiple health benefits, but base water doesn?t provide any additional benefits. 

    Is it safe to drink alkaline water?

    It is a debate among health and fitness expert – whether regular consumption of alkaline water is safe or not. To be honest, it is entirely safe for an ordinary person to drink alkaline water. However, the quality of alkaline water depends on the brand or purification system that you are using. 

    Secondly, if you have a kidney disorder, you should consult your doctor before shifting to alkaline water. That?s because the kidney is a natural filter present in your body, so if you have a weak kidney, a changed pH level can agitate your kidney. Thus, consult your doctor before drinking alkaline water. Otherwise, alkaline water is entirely safe for a healthy person. 

    Is alkaline water miraculous?

    No, alkaline water is a scientifically proven and tested formula that can cure many health problems. But, you can?t call it miraculous water. It is a high pH level water, which has been tested by multiple doctors and researchers that it can treat acid reflux, stomach pain, and many other health problems. So, alkaline water has many benefits, but you can?t call it a miraculous solution – that would be overselling it. 

    How many health benefits alkaline water contains? 

    There are numerous studies available that show the different health benefits of alkaline water. Some of the common health benefits of alkaline water are –

    • It can cure the problem of acidic reflux by deactivating pepsin and neutralising the acidic content present in the stomach. 
    • One study has proven that alkaline water can treat high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol level. 
    • Through regulating blood viscosity, alkaline water helps in improving the blood flow and enhances oxygen delivery in the blood. 
    • One micro study suggested that alkaline water improves hydration levels among athletes. 
    • Alkaline water also helps in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. It helps in treating numerous body disorders. 

    By installing an alkaline water system in your home, you can gain numerous health benefits. Thus, if you want to drink alkaline water daily, it is the right decision. But, for the best results, you should order the best alkaline water system from pHountain and improve the health of your loved ones. Always use the trusted alkaline water solution to gain maximum health benefits.?

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