How Can You Legally Trademark Your Business Name?

The name of a business serves to distinguish it from others. It is a trademark symbol that distinguishes the products and services of a business from those of other firms that provide similar services and are available on the market. Most businesses file for trademark protection in their early stages since their company’s name is trusted by customers. 

In the corporate sector, competition is an unavoidable aspect of life. In order to achieve success, you must strategically implement business policies and plans, giving you a competitive advantage. Thus, it is a wise decision to hire an intellectual property lawyer who can patent your business’s name.

Here is a guide that helps you plan the process to trademark the name of your business. Ensure to go through these for a clearer idea.

Decide the Unique Brand Name

How much time would it take to decide on a business name? If you feel that this one is an easy task, then hold on and listen. Believe us when we say that this one will require you to use all your cognitive abilities. A basic term from the English vocabulary that represents your service or product cannot be utilized to trademark your company’s name. The trademark should be distinguishing and unique to your company’s products or services.

Look for the Existing Trademark

Use the electronic system to conduct an online search to find out the existing trademarks of a similar type of business with a name you desire to have. In order to avoid having your trademark rejected by the Trademark Office, you should research existing trademarks before applying for one.

Searching for not only the identical name but also for variants and similar names is recommended because any preexisting similarity is likely to result in an application denial. 

Prepare the Application

Preparing an application takes time and work, so making sure it’s thorough is almost as vital as making sure a name or phrase isn’t already taken. The following information is required to prepare an application – the name, address, and personal information of the entity that is submitting the trademark application. This could be a private individual or a commercial enterprise.

File for the Name Registration Application

The Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) provides two filing choices: TEAS Standard and TEAS Plus. TEAS Standard is the basic one out of the two options, while TEAS Plus is the most advanced. TEAS Plus is a cheaper filing option, although not available to everybody. 

Applicants will obtain a filing receipt with a serial number to reference their application. A government patent attorney reviews an application filed with the trademark office. After a?patent attorney’s evaluation, the applicant may get a letter if flaws are found. Typically, an applicant will have six months to reply to any difficulties or problems; otherwise, the application file will expire. Being the best intellectual property attorney, Babaria IP is here to help you get through the trademark of your business name. Write down to us at for more assistance on how we can help you.

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