What You Need to Know About HMI Cover Kits

HMI Cover Kits

Many electrical designers regret when they don’t install an HMI Cover Kit or an Inspection Window Kit on an electrical process or motor control panel. These indispensable windows into your process and control cabinets make it easier to troubleshoot, control, or monitor operations. During routine maintenance or inspection, an HMI or Human Machine Interface cover will allow your technicians to view control operations without shutting down a process or production line.

What is an HMI Cover Kit?

HMI cover kits are a window into your electrical enclosure’s operations. They are available in a number of sizes and configurations to fit your size electrical cabinet or process or equipment control lines. HMI’s may include a clear window covering like an Inspection Cover Kit. Or consider an HMI’s cover kit that allows access to operator controls, tools, and gauges for the process line operator to control, coordinate, or troubleshoot manufacturing operations. When choosing an electrical enclosure for your process or machines, consider installing an HMI cover that can show you process variables like pressure or temperature levels.

Consider an HMI cover material that is non-corrosive, non-conductive, and lightweight like polycarbonate or fiberglass HMI cover kits. Allied Moulded’s line of cover kits feature a rigid design with a gasket system encased in a continuous channel on the cover and frame. This ensures that the internal electrical components stay dry and protected in even the harshest conditions.

The open back frame features different opening sizes for the direct wiring of HMI components to electrical control, instrument, and power components. All our HMI cover kits are designed to be easily installed in Allied Moulded’s lines of polycarbonate and fiberglass electrical enclosures.

When to Use an HMI cover

When mounting troubleshooting or monitoring controls on an electrical box in a harsh industrial environment or for outdoor applications It is highly recommended to use an HMI Cover Kit or an Inspection Window Kit. These kits prevent sensitive electronic components inside the electrical cabinet from being exposed to water, oil, dirt, dust, and other environmental contaminants that are often found in industrial settings.

Another time to use an HMI cover kit is when your operations feature a computer screen or other digital interface. These environments may also have forklifts passing or the possibility of splashing or dripping liquids along with other hazards to a computer interface. An HMI cover kit protects your expensive process monitoring, control, and troubleshooting devices from environmental damage.

Allied Moulded HMI cover solutions are used to protect any HMI that is external to the electrical enclosure. And when you can access pushbuttons and switches without opening the main cabinet door, you reduce the risk of arc flash and other electrical shock hazards. Allied Moulded offers HMI cover kits that range in size from 10″ x 8″ to 16″ x 14″ and with unique latching options and cover types to fit your specific application.

Visit us online at Allied Moulded Products to learn more about HMI Cover Kits and Inspection Window Kits that support today’s fast-paced manufacturing and process operations.

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