Integrate Your King Soopers Clone App With New Version Features To Boost Profits

The grocery delivery business is growing in leaps and bounds. A lot of grocery stores are now taking their business online developing an app like King Soopers Clone App. In the wake of COVID19, having an on-demand grocery delivery app has become a necessity. People are fearing to go out and looking for ways to get their daily essentials. Thus, this is the right time to launch King Soopers Clone App.

King Soopers Clone App ? Blessing In Disguise

Same-day deliveries and multiple payment options are the USPs that people loved using the online grocery app. The grocery delivery app industry is witnessing a sharp upward curve. Especially in the wake of the Pandemic, King Soopers Clone App has been serving people consistently ensuring to lower down the virus transmission.

Thus, we can say that in a way, developing an app like King Soopers Clone App is a blessing to the citizens during the pandemic.

On-demand Grocery Market Forecast

Below mentioned are the statistics and the facts that highlight the increase in the usage of on-demand grocery delivery app like King Sooper amidst Covid-19.

  • On-demand grocery delivery app has shown growth by 35%  since January 2020.
  • Worldwide grocery shopping and other shopping app have reached downloads of 10 million since April 2020
  • On-demand grocery delivery apps have admitted that their sales have increased 10 X  and in a certain location where the locations are highly contaminated, it has reached 25 times.
  • As per the recent research, the number of relevant searches for grocery delivery has drastically increased in Google.

Why Should You Launch King Sooper Clone App During The Pandemic?

Online grocery shopping is not new. However, the present situation has made it mandatory leaving no choice but shop through an app.

Below are the perks that your King Sooper Clone App will reap during Pandemic:

It supports the local community

The grocery solution app like King Sooper will be hiring local delivery drivers and local grocery vendors to come on board. Thus, the app will acts as a lifeline to the local store communities, by helping them get business during the pandemic. 

Boosts economy

When you are launching King Sooper Clone App you are not only making your brand name and generating revenues but, also helping the economy to keep floating. Because your app will have most of the local delivery drivers and store owners thus, helping them in running a business and earn a decent income in such situations.

Promotes social distancing

The most important thing is your on-demand grocery delivery app is promoting social distancing, lowering virus transmission. Since a majority of the people will be placing their grocery orders through the app, there will be less or no crowd in the store.

If you are one of those who are interested in investing in a grocery app development to lift your grocery business amidst the pandemic, then the following are the new version features to have implement in your King Sooper Clone App. 

New Version On-demand Grocery App Development Features 2021

Store wise commission

The feature enables the admin to keep the store-wise commission. This means you can change the percentage/rates accordingly for every grocery store. This helps in generating a steady income flow with more profits incoming.

Day wise separate time slots

Depending on your grocery business operation hours, the admin can change the time slots and the days to keep on or off accordingly.

Order cancellation

The delivery driver can cancel the order delivery if unable to do due to uncertain circumstances.

Item name searching

At the time it happens that we are not able to recall the grocery name but we know the initial or few words of it. This feature acts like an auto-complete allowing the user to get the list of items quickly.

Voice instructions for store delivery drivers

The feature allows the user to put the voice note instructions regarding delivery preferences

18+ age confirmation

This feature asks to upload 18+ age proof if the user is shopping for liquor or relevant stuff. 

Graphical status of orders

The feature shows the status of the ordered grocery to the user using graphical icons via in-app notifications

In Conclusion

All in all, to say, developing King Sooper Clone App will be highly beneficial for your grocery delivery business. Hire an on-demand grocery app development company with years of experience in launching the app. Discuss your dream concept with the app development team. They will provide you with the right technical guidance, the feasibility and recommendations ensuring that you get the best King Sooper Clone App developed in a week.