Give Your Customers Best In Class Grocery Shopping Experience With Weezy Clone App

    grocery delivery app

    In this Pandemic, people are relying on doorstep grocery deliveries hence, there is an increase in On-demand grocery delivery apps can be seen. If you love the idea of making an online grocery delivery app, you?d like to follow a successful business model. How about developing Weezy Clone Grocery Delivery App?

    When developing a grocery delivery app like Weezy, choosing a business model is the main thing. Do not rush into creating an on-demand grocery delivery app, instead of doing your research about the market you wish to launch, study the target audience’s preferences and expectations they have when they are using a grocery app, knowing your competitors, and so on.

    Single store model, aggregator model, marketplace mode, and grocery chain model are different types of the business model that you can choose once you have done your research homework. 

    Give Your Customers Best In Class Grocery Shopping Experience

    Having your app integrated with user-centric features in your Weezy Clone App will allow them to shop conveniently for their daily groceries. The feature to include are:

    • Easy signup and login / Social media login
    • Categorized search
    • Advanced filters
    • Check history
    • Easy to add
    • Save favorites
    • Cancellation and rescheduling
    • Re-ordering the same orders
    • Easy checkout
    • Real-time tracking delivery
    • Feedback/ratings
    weezy clone app

    Vendors / Grocery store features

    The grocery store owners, vendors, and suppliers can join the app platform and list their grocery products. The vendor panel includes features like:

    • Quick login registration / Social media
    • Manage products
    • Track payments
    • Push-notifications
    • Track delivery
    • Promo codes and discounts
    • Manage store operation hours
    • Inventory management

    Delivery Driver

    The delivery fleet will have their separate panel with the features including:

    • Signup login
    • Manage profile
    • Toggle ? On/Off for availability
    • Push-notification
    • Accept / reject grocery delivery
    • Order request
    • Delivery history

    Admin Panel

    The admin panel provides the person with complete access of the grocery business operation. The app allows to revies, make changes and generate a report through the admin panel.

    • Profile management of users, stores, and delivery drivers
    • Delivery driver background check and verify documents
    • Product categories management
    • Real-time delivery status
    • Order management
    • Push-notifications
    • Managing payments
    • App monetization
    • Get analytics and reports

    Joining Hands With An App Development Company

    If you are considering hiring freelancers to develop an app like Weezy, you are probably underestimating the potentials of an app development company. The app development company will have the right infrastructure (Development center) and an experienced knowledgeable team that will develop a Weezy clone app, offering you a solid base to launch your grocery delivery business in an on-demand market. Moreover, they offer bug and technical support, offering a licensed white-label version so that you can customize as per your business demands.

    Joining hands with a professional app development company can be economical, and hassle-free. Look for their other on-demand grocery apps, as well as other on demand mobile apps to gain successful traction.

    COVID19 is boosting the on-demand market, this is the right time to capitalize by developing grocery delivery app like Weezy and stand ahead of your competitors.

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