How to get more benefits from Invisalign

    invisalign benefits

    Invisalign helps to keep your brand-new smile beautiful. The GYA Dental Center offers best-in-class treatments to straighten effectively your teeth for different age groups such as teens and adults.

    Nowadays, Invisalign clear braces are becoming more popular day by day as compared to the conventional approach. Therefore, all the Invisalign patients must get the most fruitful results out of their treatment. Thus, the Invisalign process ensures straight and healthy teeth to boost a beautiful and confident smile. Let?s discuss some of the significant benefits of having an Invisalign treatment.

    1. First 48 hours 

    During the first 48 hours of the Invisalign treatment, ensure that you wear each aligner tray as much as possible. It is advised that only remove your tray to brush your teeth, especially for the first two days, and get back to the place as soon as possible. Hence, the initial stage of

    Invisalign is vital for proper treatment throughout the entire process. 

    2. 22 Hours means no crooked teeth

    Invisalign only works if you wear your trays for the majority of the day. Therefore, to get the best, faster, and accurate results, the patient must wear their trays for at least 22 hours a day. It is

    mandatory to get the best and effective results.

    3. Change on Time

    When your dentist says it is the time to change your aligner tray and then change it. If he says, keep it for some more time, let it be. It does not mean that your treatment will accelerate if you move on to your next tray. Have patience with Invisalign. Like traditional braces, your professional orthodontist will decide how long it will be worn.

     4. Speaking With Trays

    It is not easy to talk when you put your brand new Invisalign tray. It creates difficulty during their initial days only. The more you wear them, the more practice speaking helps to go away your lisp faster.

    5. Extra Cleanliness

    You can remove your Invisalign anytime, but it is vital to keep your teeth more cleanly with daily brushing and flossing. When your aligner is pressed tightly, your saliva will be unable to wash away any of the gunk left behind. As a result, some unwanted bacteria will collect on the

    enamel of your teeth. Thus, brushing and flossing after every meal will make your teeth hygiene during your Invisalign treatment process by preventing tartar, cavities, and plaque.  

    5. Drink lots of water

    It is vital to drink more water with your Invisalign trays. Your mouth will sense something is present in your mouth that causes you to produce extra saliva and become dehydrated with your traditional braces. 

    6. Proper care is mandatory

    Whenever you remove your Invisalign trays, don?t forget to clean them properly. Plaque and dry saliva can create a good breeding ground for the foul-smelling bacteria. Retainer Brite and Invisalign cleaning crystals are the best and effective options to keep your trays clear and sanitized.

    Are you looking for the best dental clinic in Dubai for the Invisalign process? The GYA Dental Center will provide you with the best ways to get the most out of your Invisalign treatment.

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